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Macbeth at Freeform Theatre Company


10/6/2019 - 10/20/2019


Freeform Theatre Company

13660 New Providence Rd
Alpharetta, 30004
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Macbeth in Atlanta

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The story of Macbeth has become the stuff of legend: bewitching ambition, images befitting epic fantasy, and a bloody game for power. But where does the legend end and the story begin?A band of storytellers invite you to gather around a campfire to hear every word, feel every terror, and reimagine the tale for yourself: a husband and wife have survived with honor in a time beset by war and fear. Yet when fate comes knocking with its twisted, weird hands, they must assert what power they can over the wild ways of the old world- never imagining what horrors they may unleash along the path to power.The mountain-peaked wilderness of North Georgia sets the stage for a storytelling experience evoking an ancient Scotland full of fantasy and intrigue. This telling of Macbeth listens to the unconscious Celtic influences on Shakespeares infamous tragedy to explore what it means to tell stories of lands long ago and far away.

Ages: 13 and older

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