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Review: IN THE HEIGHTS at Theatrical Outfit

Lin-Manuel Miranda is actually killing the game. With smash-hit "Hamilton" dominating Broadway box office sales, Miranda has been given a real platform to stand on similar to the one that Idina Menzel was given with "Wicked." So it would be naive to assume that theatre companies all over the nation are not taking advantage of Miranda's other amazing shows, "Bring It On: The Musical" and Tony award-winning musical "In the Heights." Regardless of the reasoning, I was thrilled to see Theatrical Outfit and Aurora Theatre coproduction of "In the Heights."

As I pretended to be a New Yorker all summer long, I saw some exceptional shows during the three months I lived in Manhattan. So you can imagine my confusion when I realised I was seeing a Broadway-level production happening right in the heart of Atlanta.

The first thing that caught my attention was Diego Klock-Perez, playing the main character, Usnavi. Upon hearing Klock-Perez, I thought maybe he was lip-syncing to the original cast album, or maybe that he was the secret love child of Miranda. But in all actuality, he was just that good. His rapping and singing were both exceptional with his movements being natural, giving the character an unrehearsed feeling.

To be honest, I could sing the praises of all the cast members, from leading ladies Diany Rodriguez and Julissa Sabino portraying strong, young women, to GarRet Turner making us want more from our own lives to Felicia Hernandez reminding us of our own abuelas. However, instead of doing that, I would rather just recommend that you go see the show. Not only does the cast and creative team paint amazing imagery with what is happening onstage, but this show has the power to open your eyes.

It opened my eyes to how lucky I am to be able to call the north metro-Atlanta area my home. It reminded me how my father would do anything to help me out if I was in need. It made me think of my late grandmother and how she never stopped giving. It opened my eyes to a beautiful sense of community that can only be learned as a child but remembered as an adult. All I can say is thank you to everyone involved in this phenomenal production.

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