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What Stars Stream: Broadway's Best Tunes in for Movies, TV & More!


Watch along with your favorite Broadway stars!

Staying in is the new going out! What better way to distract you from the craziness of the outside world than with a bit of craziness on your television screen?

BroadwayWorld has already put together a complete guide of 157 musicals, plays, and everything in between that you can watch from home, as well as exclusive daily content from some of your favorite Broadway stars. Now, we're bringing you some streaming inspiration straight from the stars themselves! Which shows are their favorites? What are they binging? Find out below!

Beth Leavel (The Devil Wears Prada): I've already binged: Next In Fashion, The Crown, and Homeland. Tonight starts Schitt's Creek!

Brad Oscar (Mrs. Doubtfire): Hunters and The Outsider

Mare Winningham (Girl from the North Country): I have waited for season 2 of My Brilliant Friend to come around and am happy to have it for Sunday nights. Also, Bingeing season 1 for the second time seems like a good idea. It's just incredible, in every way. Some Schitt's Creek is good for laughing, lots of it.

Shuler Hensley (The Music Man): Fleabag, Goliath, The Morning Show, Hunters, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, Servant. Ok, I have a problem! So many great shows these days!

Martha Plimpton: Last night I binged about 7 episodes of Shtisel, which I'm loving. Will likely finish that tonight.

Dana Steingold (Beetlejuice): Westworld just came back, so we are looking forward to Sunday nights. During the week we are binging Succession and Schitt's Creek and when that's finished, I'm going to start rewatching all of Gilmore Girls and 30 Rock.

Austin Scott (Girl from the North Country): I watched the entire first season of "The Outsider" on HBO in like 2 days. Now my girlfriend Alexa and I are binge watching a reality dating show called"Love Island: UK" and going down the TikTok rabbit hole (We even made our own account @lex_austin). Other than that, we've been taking at least one hike a day and working on creative projects like writing and photography.

What Stars Stream: Broadway's Best Tunes in for Movies, TV & More!
Pictured: Jennifer Blood

Jennifer Blood (Girl from the North Country): I have been re- watching The Office, as I often do for comfort during times of trouble. This time, though, I'm watching it along with Office Ladies, the ultimate Office re-watch Podcast, and if you don't know about it, GO LISTEN NOW IT WILL MAKE EVERYTHING SEEM OKAY. Seriously. So many great behind-the-scenes tidbits.

Rita Moreno (West Side Story): Two and a Half Men!

Danny Rutigliano (Beetlejuice): We just finished binging Resistance on PBS Masterpiece. Terrific series about the French resistance during WWII.

Kelvin Moon Loh (Beetlejuice): I restarted Breaking Bad from the beginning. I pepper in some Last Man on Earth, BoJack Horseman, and Patti LuPone YouTube videos.

Jakeim Hart (Sing Street): Cartoons, like all day everyday. It's bad. Specifically Steven Universe, Hey Arnold and Regular Show. Definitely did not watch that new Pandemic thing on Netflix and don't intend to.

Celine Song (Endlings): Elite, Love is Blind, Trials of Gabriel Fernandez, Girls in Incarceration, Cheer.

Lauren Patten (Jagged Little Pill): Bingeing "My Brilliant Friend" and "Killing Eve." Also making my way through "Night on Earth." There are not enough nature documentary shows to quench my insatiable desire for great animal footage!

Brendan C. Callahan (Sing Street): At the moment, Succession, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Great British Baking Show are my go-to's.

Bess Wohl (Grand Horizons): Every evening I've been unwinding by watching an episode of the French show, "Call My Agent," a comedy about the trials and tribulations of a boutique talent agency in Paris. I'm in the mood for comedy right now, and I love seeing the cameos by French film stars, especially the women who all look so naturally beautiful and real. It's exactly the escape I need.

Alyssa May Gold (How I Learned to Drive): Honestly, I just keep watching press conferences and refreshing twitter, the NY Times site and the CDC website BUT I would strongly recommend if you have not already (or even if you have) to use this opportunity to watch Miss Fisher's Mysteries. She'll give you hope, strength, and fashion inspiration for days.

Des McAnuff (Ain't Too Proud): Every Hitchcock movie!

Sammi Cannold (Endlings): I've never been a binge-TV-watcher until now, so that's been surprisingly fun. I just finished all of Hunters.

Carrie St. Louis (Between the Lines): Binge-watching 90 day fiancé. Yup. No shame.

Arielle Jacobs (Between the Lines): Staying indoors has offered us the chance to catch up on a lot of shows we've been excited to see! We just finished binging the whole season of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus, and it was soooo good! We also binged the entire season of The Outsider on HBO. Wow! This crime drama can be a little gruesome, but Steven King can tell a story! Cynthia Erivo and the entire cast are incredible.

Roman Banks (Dear Evan Hansen): The Good Place on Netflix.

Riley Costello (Wicked): Fleabag, nature docs, and a ton of Disney+

Todd Almond (Girl from the North Country): I am getting deep into the horror films of Vincent Price. The films he made with Roger Corman based on Edgar Allan Poe stories are right up my alley-what took me so long to watch them? Although I will say THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH-about a plague!-was maybe not the best choice for right now.

Bonnie Milligan (Head Over Heels): I'm binge watching The Outsider on HBO and the comedienne Megan Stalter's Instagram videos (@megstalter) which I highly recommend for some good laughs!

Jill Abramovitz (Beetlejuice):

1. 30 Rock- started it from from the beginning with my nine year-old. Bad parenting but lol funny. The perfect antidote to right now. I could watch Alec Baldwin's very first entrance 1,000 times and never not laugh.

2. The Crown- So good. So smart. So educational that it almost doubles as adult learning with sporadic hot sex.

3. KILLING EVE- OMG!!! So glad I'm late to this party because now I get to start it from the beginning.

Sharon Wheatley (Come From Away): Right now I'm watching THE GOOD PLACE. My 12 year old who has already binged-watched said she basically would not talk to me until I watched it!

Rachel Stern (Girl from the North Country): As active and proactive as I'd like to be during this strange time, I'm watching a LOT of stuff. Just finished up watching HBO's The Outsider, starring our very own Mare Winningham! I also binged the latest season of American Horror Story 1984. It's straight out of an 80's slasher film. I finished reading "Calypso" by David Sedaris and Gene Wilder's Autobiography, "Kiss Me Like a Stranger." I also just read Anne Rule's "The Stranger Beside Me." That's her amazing book about Ted Bundy. She knew him and it totally reads like a novel.

Martyna Majok (Sanctuary City): The news. On my phone. I'm not good at self-care, it seems.

Ginna Claire Mason (Wicked): Anne with an E (on Netflix. Rec from Molly McCook! I feel like I'm filling my mind with beautiful things. I cried every episode of season one!); The Crown (catching up on the latest season!); Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (also catching up on the latest season!); Locke & Key (though it's a little scary for my taste!); Iliza Unveiled (comedy special- she really makes me laugh). I'm finished now, but I also LOVE The Good Place and Jane the Virgin. And Gilmore Girls is a classic!

Kimber Elayne Sprawl (Girl from the North Country): Actively trying not to binge. I'm watching classic movies like Waiting to Exhale. I have my puzzles, books, and sudoku to keep me busy!

Shoba Narayan (Wicked): I just started Love is Blind on Netflix! I can tell that it'll help keep the mood light whenever I need a break from the news! :)

Gian Perez (Sing Street): I've been doing a bunch of schoolwork, so not much time to binge a show, but I'm watching Twin Peaks!

De'lon Grant (Come From Away): I'm binge-watching a bunch of standup comedy on Netflix. I just finished Ricky Gervais' last special.

Montego Glover (All the Natalie Portmans): I'm binge-watching Hunters.

Lorin Latarro (Mrs. Doubtfire): Fosse/Verdon finally! Along with Hunters and yes... the Walking Dead (just to make me more anxious. lol).

Tom Kitt (Flying Over Sunset, The Visitor): Curb Your Enthusiasm - Need to laugh as much as possible right now and this brilliant show is the perfect way. Plus, Larry David gives a nice shout-out to Next to Normal in one of my favorite episodes (though I revere it regardless).

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