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VIDEO: Lea Salonga Shares Stories Behind Her Most Iconic Pieces of Clothing in WHEN I SHINE WITH YOU

Globally acclaimed Broadway artist and Filipino icon, Lea Salonga, recently returned to her hometown as she starred in her first-ever laundry musical - "When I Shine With You", telling the story of Lea's most iconic pieces of clothing and how they keep shining anew.

When I Shine with You is a sensorial, nostalgic journey

Every piece of clothing has a story. In this one-of-a-kind musical, Lea took us on a journey down memory lane by telling the story behind some of her most treasured clothes in her iconic roles. With a history of more than four decades in the industry, she had her first break at 9 years old when she played the title role in Annie in 1980.

"Annie was my first big break. I was 9 then and felt a big mix of happy, scared and really just enjoying myself. It's why I kept my dress after all these years: to remind myself of that girl who believed she could shine," Lea shares.

Since her debut, Lea appeared in a number of theatre productions and had several television projects until 1989 when she was selected to play Kim in the debut production of the musical Miss Saigon in London. This role earned her the title as the first woman of Asian descent to win a Tony Award for her excellence in live Broadway Theatre in 1991.

She adds, "I had no idea how demanding it was going to be to play the role of Kim. As a teenager, I found it worth it because it pushed me to be more creative and thoughtful with my craft. That's why I'll always find the shirt I wore to the audition memorable. It may seem like a simple white one but it means a lot to me - it was the one that helped me shine and live my dreams."

The musical sparked a renewed sense of inspiration as Lea relived the highlights of this true-to-life musical journey through her memorable clothes - from when she played Annie, and her white shirt during her audition for Miss Saigon.

These iconic clothes were brought back to life and showcased though Ariel Instashine's Renewed Collection on stage.

To learn more about this campaign, check out the video below for a preview of Lea Salonga's musical journey!

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