VIDEO: Crabs, Naughty Puppets, Audience Fights in Series Premiere of THAT'S EDUCATIONAL

Earlier this week BWW introduced you to the creators of the new webseries THAT'S EDUCATIONAL.Created by Eric Mendenhall and Matthew Myers, THAT'S EDUCATIONAL is a comic mocumentary web series about a traveling educational theatre. The story centers around the exploits of six actors and the company that sends them out on the road to use theatre as a way to teach young people valuable lessons (7 different shows, 267 dates a year). While the show itself focuses on the hilarity that ensues out on the road, it is also about the personalities of these characters and the idea that no one understands your misery more than people going through it with you. The first episode premiered earlier this week and now be found here on BroadwayWorld. Check it out below.

Check out their website, and "Like" them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @TEwebseries. Stay tuned to BWW for more from THAT'S EDUCATIONAL. We will have exclusive video their premiere party early next week.

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