Tom Kirdahy Named 2014 Broadway Global Producer of the Year

The list of final 2014 Broadway Global Producer of the Year nominees are the who's who list for Broadway investors, each making changes in global arts.

The list of nominees include Producer Catherine Schreiber who took Scottsboro Boys from Broadway to London with vengeance. The British don't see this musical a white and black issue. It was American white people accusing innocent black men for horrific crimes that they never committed, not Europeans! The accusers retracted their story, but it was just this last year that the Scottsboro Boys were finally exonerated. The musical is one of the most clever artistic pieces of theatre ever created. Scottsboro Boys tells the horrific story through the use of an entertaining minstrel show, choreographed to perfection by Susan Stroman. The last Kander and Ebb musical Scottsborro Boys may not have won the producer of the year, but it sure won the hearts of those who flight for justice today.

The next name that pops out of this list would be Tony Award Producer Charlotte St. Martin who is extraordinary. It is nice to see the list of women included in this list like Barbara Freitag (Memphis) that delt with race issues for today's audiences, long before it was viral news to do so. Including regional theatre Producers like Andrew Kato of Maltz Jupiter Theatre is also important for the growth of future producers, not only does he put a younger face to producing but his choices of musical and plays being produced at one of the top regional theatres in America sets the bar for local community investments in the arts. Read this list of nominees and you will have a show or image to bring to mind on global change being made for arts. Debbie Allen, Adam Blanshay, Ken Davenport, Barbara Freitag, Dennis Grimaldi, Roger Gindi, Steve Hendel, Andrew Kato, Catherine Russell, Pat Addiss, Cameron Mackintosh, Tom Kirday, Thomas Schumacher, Stewart F. Lane, Charlotte St. Martin, Cathy Rigby McCoy, Tom McCoy, Annette Niemtzow, Jeffrey Richards, Michael Rosenberg, Jordan Roth, Catherine Schreiber, Scott Sanders, Jhett Tolentino, Robert Wankel, and even Oprah Winfrey.

The Third Annual Broadway Global Producer of the Year is set to be honored January 8th at a private VIP ceremony in NYC. We find it ironic that Broadway Global Founder Richard Cameron's partner Ron Hutchins is choreographing How to Succceed in Business Without Really Trying being produced in China, as the winner Tom Kirday Broadway Global 2014 Producer of the Year and his husband Terrence McNally may be the most legendary of Broadway investors and artists. A gay couple! One who wrote Mothers and Sons the play of the year and the other the investor that produced it. The play shares families as our globe has nver seen before, it allows a grieving mother to have closure for the loss of her son who died with AIDS. AIDS is a global issue. By honoring Tom Kirdahy for producing Mothers and Sons it honors those we have loss to AIDS. Ironically Tom's Broadway hit It's Only A Play pokes fun of being a producer or write, waiting for that critic from the Broadway critics that can close a play before it officially opens. The play gives hope to young artists by its' use of clever written comedy.

According to Broadway Global CEO/Founder Richard Cameron "These are just a few of the producers who are leaving a legacy for the arts. Through social media nominations, these producers have made themselves available through social media, give back to not for profits (Broadway Cares, Broadway Barks, Cancer Research.. ), and are producing life changing stage works of art that are leaving a legacy for our global society. For more information on the most important award ceremony please email" Cameron's Offical Facebook page just posted a 2015 message, a reminder for arts lovers to take notes of film and Broadway Producers! "2015 starts off with fireworks, joy and determination! What have you done for the Arts today? Please take time to share an Audition, Theatre's web links, Show Info..or just re post and 'Arts Article' on your social media walls.. one that brings education to global arts lovers. With over 30 City/State Theatre Chat groups we all continue to keep Artists employed and Patrons informed! We are just days away from presenting The Third Annual 2014 Broadway Global Producer of the Year! As I write up the press release announcing the winner, I must thank you all! Especially, all of you who sent in nominations! It's important to know Broadway and Film Producers, as they invest in art for the film, stage, leaving a legacy for arts long after we are gone Don't just take notes of the shows they invest in! Take notice of which not for profits they support, making our new global society a much better place to live! Do something for the arts today and everyday! 2015 will be epic for Theatre Chat and Broadway Global, with over 180,000 shared articles and fans... we are the largest arts movement on social media! God Bless you all in 2015, may it bring much joy!" Richard Cameron

Tom Kirdahy Born in 1963 as was Broadway Global's Richard Cameron. Mothers and Sons is a play about families, gay familes. Tom Kirdahy and Terrence McNally are the first gay family of Broadway while Richard Cameron and Ron Hutchins may be looked at as the first family for arts in South Florida. Mothers and Sons is a play about loss and hope and forgiveness. Richard Cameron lost his first love Robert Kent Andolini to AIDS in 1984. His Mormon mother Jan Cameron closest friend Randy died from AIDS, without telling his own mother! Mothers and Sons is for that mother, the mother that was never told, or could never believe her child was Gay let alone dieing with AIDS. It shows GLBT families today are thriving with children, that someday will become strong citizens of our new global society.

"Mothers and Sons draws a bridge between the AIDS crisis and marriage equality. Just this week january 6, 2015 Florida GLBT couples have been honored with respect from the Supreme Court to marry. The raging activism of the 80s and 90s and marches taken to the Supreme Court by Edie Windsor and Roberta Kaplan are the reason we have Mothers and sons a play that left a legacy for arts long after we have gone. "It's a testament to the resilience of a community... a community that became stronger in the face of so much death." Tom Kirdahy.

"By 2010, Terrence and I had grown dissatisfied with our second-class citizen, skim-milk marriage, i.e., civil union. We got married in Washington, D.C. along the banks of the Potomac. Tyne Daly attended the ceremony and read Shakespeare sonnet 116: "Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments." At the time we had no idea that Tyne would be starring in a play written by Terrence and produced by me that presented the first legally married same sex couple on a Broadway stage." Tom's mother was our date to the the opening of Mothers and Sons. His father was there in spirit. "Mothers and Sons. Fathers and Sons. Mothers and Daughters. Fathers and Daughters. Brothers and Sisters and Grandparents and Godparents. The definition of family today is being expanded, broadened in glorious ways. I hope that Mothers and Sons plays its part in celebrating that expansion. In honoring our past and creating a balm that allows for more healing in our future." Tom Kirdahy

With Broadway Global honoring Tom Kirdahy with at The Third Annual 2014 Broadway Global Producer of the Year both plays Mothers and Sons and It's Only A Play have left an indelible mark in theatre history. As Tom's plays are produced at reginal levels down to schools, local community productions we all must know the impact from those who invest in arts. Leaking the Broadway Global Producer of the Year Tom Kirdahy honors the future of theatre with his hits (It's Only a Play Play A Comedy, Original Produced by Tom Kirdahy), (Mothers and Sons A Play/Drama, Original, Produced by Tom Kirdahy) and let us not forget After Midnight Musical, Revue, Originally Produced in association with Thomas Kirdahy, Master Class A Play, Revival Produced by arrangement with Maberry Theatricals.

Tom Kirday has a long leagacy for thaatre history with Ragtime the Musical/Drama, Revival Produced by Tom Kirdahy/Devlin Elliott, Deuce Play, Original Produced by Maberry Theatricals. We leave you with this final message from Tom! "When Terrence and I first exchanged vows in 2003, marriage wasn't legal anywhere in the United States. We held a civil union ceremony in Vermont. At the time, civil unions were the "most married" a Gay couple could be in the United States. We had been through a lot... a major health challenge for Terrence.. and we wanted to give our union as many legal guarantees as possible." Tom Kirday. Tom Kirdahy 2014 Broadway Global Producer of the Year leaves historic change for the arts and our global society. Embrace diversity and respect and the arts with thrive globally. Congrats to Broadway Global for honoring those making change and leaving a legacy for arts!

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