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THE FRIDAY SIX: Q&As with Your Favorite Broadway Stars- CINDERELLA's Todd Buonopane

THE FRIDAY SIX: Q&As with Your Favorite Broadway Stars- CINDERELLA's Todd Buonopane

Welcome to THE FRIDAY SIX: Q&As with your favorite Broadway stars. Want to know what hooked them to a career in the theater? Their dream roles? Their Broadway crushes? Read on!

In this week's edition, we caught up with Todd Buonopane, who is starring as 'Jean-Michele' in Cinderella- currently playing at the Broadway Theatre.

What is the first Broadway show you ever saw?

The first Broadway show I saw was Miss Saigon when I was 12. I knew every word already and cried through most of the show. Miss Saigon played the Broadway Theater, where I get to do Cinderella 8 times a week. It's pretty special.

What is your most unique pre-show ritual?

I'm not particularly a religious person, but before I go onstage for any performance I say a little prayer-like thing in which I say thanks to all the great mentors I've had and my parents that supported me. Then I blow a kiss upwards and jump 3 times. Seeing this in writing makes me realize how truly crazy it is. What can I say? I'm superstitious and sensitive; a very dangerous combination.

What is your most memorable "the show must go on" moment?

I was doing a new musical called Gemini at the Prince Music Theater in Philly. I had to eat a lot of food throughout the show. Well, one Saturday night I got food poisoning from that onstage food. It hit me around midnight. I puked till about 3am, at which point I fainted. I woke up an hour or so later with my head on the toilet bowl. I then realized the fall had split my chin open and I was bleeding. An ambulance took me to the emergency room around 7am. I got stitches and fluids. I was discharged at noon. And because there were no understudies, I did the 3pm matinee. I made them put buckets at every stage exit....and I think I used them all. Oh, and I faked all my eating for that performance.

What is the one role you want to play before you die?

I've played Pseudolus twice in my career and I'd love to do it again. Forum is the funniest show ever.
But I really want to create a great role that becomes part of the musical theatre cannon. So I guess my dream role hadn't been written yet.

Who is your Broadway crush?

Oh god, so many!!!! Josh Henry (have you seen Violet????!!!!), Whitney Bashour (my favorite voice ever), Christopher Fitzgerald (I've been a big fan since I saw him in Amour. I got to cross paths with him as Amos in Chicago, which was thrilling), Natalie Joy Johnson (we toured together years ago and had a hilarious mock-love-affair & she's currently killing it in Kinky Boots), but my greatest current crush is on the gorgeous, talented girl that I get to kiss 8 times a week, Stephanie Gibson.

Where can people stalk you online?

I'm on twitter at @ToddBuonopane. There are far too many videos of me on YouTube.

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