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Student Blogs This Week - Midterm Stress Relief, A Return to Theater, and More!


Check out what our student bloggers are writing about for the week of October 7 - October 14.

Our student bloggers write about how they're coping with the current global health crisis, give insight on their school's performing arts programs, share their opinions on the latest theater news, and so much more.

Read some of the top blogs from this week below!

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Student Blog: Home AgainStudent Blog: Home Again

Student Blogger: Max Martinez

Excerpt: Let me introduce myself first. My name's Max, I'm from Costa Rica, and I haven't been in a theater in almost 20 months. Until today. I got tickets to the 11 a.m. matinee of "Henrietta", a new Costa Rican original musical, at The National Theatre.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Midterms and MusicStudent Blog: Midterms and Music

Student Blogger: Olivia Murray

Excerpt: This time of the semester can be difficult for everyone, exam after exam, it does sort of feel never-ending. But have you thought about some of the ways to try and mitigate that stress? Music can be your escape when you don't have another outlet to get away. And maybe if you're lucky, with theatres opening back up, you could take the night off and go see a show. Local or professional theatre can both be fun ways to take your mind off of all the stress you've endured during your season of midterms.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: One Of The Greatest Tony Opening Numbers EverStudent Blog: One Of The Greatest Tony Opening Numbers Ever

Student Blogger: Jake Aron

Excerpt: Throughout the song, Harris is joined by Tonny-winning heavyweights such as Kinky Boots and Pippin and literal heavyweight Mike Tyson, who had a one-man show on Broadway in 2012. Harris is also joined by a magician and many child actors, who Harris claims are "the reason this whole season seems to look like Chuck-E-Cheese."

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: <a target=Harry Styles Love On Tour" height="150" src="" align="left" width="150" />Student Blog: Harry Styles Love On Tour

Student Blogger: Breanna Ebisch

Excerpt: Because of the variety of music choice, the show was both a giant dance party and extremely emotional. While a majority of the concert was full of dancing, screaming out the lyrics and having the best time, there were also moments where tears were shed or the crowd grew quiet just to enjoy the heart wrenching ballads that were being sung. These few minutes were so powerful and only added to the overall experience of seeing Styles live. For many, these songs have been a saving grace throughout such an unprecedented time and to finally hear them live made it very hard not to get teary eyed.

Read the full blog here!


Student Blogger: Caiti Ho

Excerpt: For an assignment for my journalism class, we had to write an ode to a stranger and since this forever occurring man is a stranger to me, I wrote to him. So, people of BroadwayWorld meet my man in a velvet suit.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: A Look at Fine Arts at a Christian UniversityStudent Blog: A Look at Fine Arts at a Christian University

Student Blogger: Allie Pruett

Excerpt: I know what you're thinking now, that all we sing is stuff about God and Jesus. While that is definitely in there, it's not all we do. We just had our fall concert on October 1st, which was just over a week ago now, and most of our lit centered around the bicentennial of the state of Missouri, as the state was established in 1821.

Read the full blog here!

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