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STAGE TUBE: And...the Video Proof Has Arrived - HAND TO GOD Heckler Boards Booth Theatre Stage to Charge Phone

And the video proof has arrived.

As BroadwayWorld and the rest of the internet reported earlier this week, during a recent performance of Broadway's Hand to God, an audience member quietly made his way up on the stage of the hit comedy to plug his cell phone in to what he believed to be a working outlet.

Thanks to a fellow audience member, the HAND TO GOD heckler's rogue phone-charging was caught on camera (not that that's allowed in a Broadway theatre either...) - regardless, you can check it out below!

Sources who were present at the performance told Broadwayadjacent.com that the front of house staff quickly responded to the intruder, retrieving the phone and only delaying the performance by five minutes.

It remains unclear whether the brazen theater-goer was truly unaware of the consequences of his actions or perhaps was acting on a dare. According to the site, upon receiving his phone back, he asked the usher, "Well, where can I charge it?"

Following the news, HAND TO GOD turned to their official Facebook page to share not only BWW's feature story on how our readers reacted to the incident (read it here!), but also a hilarious new promo offering audience members an extra perk if they attend the show.

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