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RIALTO CHATTER: SPIDEY Update; Delays Confirmed, Spring Opening Now Anticipated

RIALTO CHATTER: SPIDEY Update; Delays Confirmed, Spring Opening Now Anticipated

The New York Times has confirmed that the financially malnourished Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark is now expected to begin previews and open in the Spring of 2010 due to the weeks of production delays and financial difficulties that have plagued the multi-million dollar mega project for months. 

The producers announced early this year that Spider-Man would begin previews on Februrary 25 and open in March, however the financial resources will not be in place to begin rehearsals this fall, as necessary to make the ambitious winter dates.

The New York Times notes that the executive confirming these delays requested anonymity, as the producers have not yet released an official comment. No new dates in the spring have been locked in.

To read the full report in the New York Times, click here.

Despite a halt in production this summer, construction work for the show did recently resume at the Hilton Theater.  Reportedly, producers are still looking to fill a $10 million money gap.  

The financial hole was left when another Chicago investor, David Garfinkle, stumbled into financial trouble a few weeks ago reports Friedman. Friedman also names New Jersey real estate titan Norton Herrick as another "person of interest" who is coming in to aid the musical as it works to set itself back on course toward an early 2010 Broadway opening. 

It had been speculated that Jim Stern of Endgame Productions and Herrick are coming in as angels to "save the day." Does this mean the show is happening and back on schedule?

"Yes, definitely," says Friedman's source, who knows as much as anyone. "It's too good not to." "They had just enough money to get the theater ready. That's what's going on right now, preparations. But they don't have the money to really start beyond that. They're just waiting."

That, at least was the word two days ago.  Is seems like the executives are now singing a different tune.

Herrick is no stranger to Broadway as he's had positions in "Hair," "Desire Under the Elms," "9 to 5," and "Exit the King." Stern co-directed the recent and industry embraced documentary "Every Little Step."

Directed by Tony Award-winner Julie Taymor with 22-time Grammy® Award-winning Bono and The Edge creating new music and lyrics, Spider-Man will be written by Julie Taymor and Glen Berger.

Announced stars Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cumming are still said to be signed on to the production. In an earlier interview with BWW the Tony Winning Cumming confirmed things were moving along with the musical, remarking, "Well, I've gone in for a few costume fittings, and they've done such an amazing job! The costumes were done by Eiko Ishioka. Let me tell you, it's just incredible, especially when I become the full Green Goblin! It's so detailed, so authentic. They are just insane and look really amazing! From some of the drawings and things I've seen... wow. I think it's going to be a huge spectacle!"

Insiders also whispered to Friedman that the leading character of Peter Parker has been cast, but the actor has not announced. Sources to Rialto Chatter have mentioned the young actors Reeve Carney and Sebastian Stan as potential candidates for the role of Parker. Both thespians have worked on various workshops of the musical. In the musical, only Peter Parker will sing musical numbers. The actual character of Spider-Man, reveals Showbiz411, will be represented by five different blue and red costumed wall-crawling and stage soaring performers. To read the full article on Showbiz411 click here.

Julie Taymor is best known as director of one of the most successful musicals in Broadway history, Disney's The Lion King and the film Across The Universe. Bono and The Edge are half of one of the most popular rock bands of all time, U2, who will be making their Broadway debut with Spider-Man.

Drawing from over forty years of Marvel comic books for inspiration, Spider-Man spins a new take on the mythic tale of a young man propelled from a modest rowhouse in Queens to the sky-scraping spire of the Chrysler Building, the bustling offices of the Daily Bugle, through the dizzying canyons of Manhattan, to new vistas never before seen. The musical follows the story of teenager Peter Parker, whose unremarkable life is turned upside-down-literally-when he's bitten by a genetically altered spider and wakes up the next morning clinging to his bedroom ceiling. This bullied science-geek-suddenly endowed with astonishing powers-soon learns, however, that with great power comes great responsibility as villains test not only his physical strength but also his strength of character. Spider-Man's battles will hurtle the audience through an origin story both recognizable and unexpected--yielding new characters as well as familiar faces--until a final surprising confrontation casts a startling new light on this hero's journey.

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