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RECAP: Faith Prince, Michael Rupert, and the Falsettos Original Off-Broadway Cast Shared Their Audition Stories on STARS IN THE HOUSE

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Stars in The House, benefiting The Actors Fund, continued Saturday night (8pm) with a Falsettos Original Off-Broadway Cast reunion with Stephen Bogardus, Janet Metz, Faith Prince, Michael Rupert and Chip Zien.

Chip Zien began by talking about how he got the part in FALSETTOS. "I was on my way to LA, I was gonna leave NY and I got a tape of Bill Finn singing the songs...and I thought this is unbelievable and I auditioned and he told me I was terrible...and he said stop playing the piano, stop singing that song...stand on the piano, put your hands in your pockets and sing happy birthday or something. Anyway, I got the part."

Michael Rupert shared his audition story. "I auditioned for MARCH OF THE FALSETTOS and I auditioned for Jim Lapine and then he, I guess liked me and then I had to go audition for Finn and Jim had me bring every piece of music I had ever sung...and Jim and I went through all of the songs and he kept saying, 'Finn will hate that song, he hates this song, he hates that song.' And I finally sang a Randy Newman tune and they gave me the job."

Faith Prince joined, "I thought I was going in for one of the lesbians next door and that was the material I had prepared and then James [Lapine] called me up and said 'no I want you as Trina.' and I said 'excuse me?' and he goes 'yea I want you as Trina.' and I said 'really? I thought I was gonna be one of the lesbians next door and he went 'no, Faith, just take the job. Trina. Trina.'"

Janet Metz talked about the first preview performance. "I'll never forget the first preview after the final note there was silence. I remember being behind that door and thinking wow, we have something important here. It was just silent."

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