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Exclusive Podcast: LITTLE KNOWN FACTS with Ilana Levine- featuring Brendan McDonald

Exclusive Podcast: LITTLE KNOWN FACTS with Ilana Levine- featuring Brendan McDonald

BroadwayWorld has teamed up with Broadway alum Ilana Levine, who makes her entrance onto the podcast stage with her new show Little Known Facts. Ilana's unique brand of celebrity interview, "Podcast Vérité," is unfiltered, raw, honest and uniquely funny.

BrenDan McDonald is the co-creator and executive producer of "WTF" with Marc Maron. He is an Emmy-winning producer and veteran of television, radio and digital media. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son.

BrenDan McDonald, Emmy Award winner and co-creator/producer of "WTF" with Marc Maron, discusses the evolution of their ground-breaking podcast and how they made history when President Obama came on the show. Brendan grew up in a family devoted to the arts and the seeds were planted at an early age to appreciate and create art with integrity. His own performance background and his encyclopedic knowledge and obsession with "Saturday Night Live" all played a part in his becoming the co creator of "WTF." He met Marc Maron in the early days of Air America when they were hired to create a live radio show together and it was clear to Brendan that Marc was the next Howard Stern. As a kid, Brendan performed in school plays but he understood early on what it would take to chase a career as a performer. So he set his sights on producing and he has done so for decades working with some of the biggest talents in news, but with Marc and the 'WTF" podcast, he has gained international recognition as a pioneer in the world of podcasting. His is a great success story where a labor of love and a passion for hard work has made something uniquely special. He has also written and edited a book creating an oral history of life by weaving together stories from the podcast called "Waiting for the Punch."

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