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Downtown Urban Arts Festival Announces 19th Season Finalist

Playwrights selected include Allison Whittenberg - Choice, Robin Rothstein - Grassroots, Elijah Vasquez - Teeter and more.

Downtown Urban Arts Festival Announces 19th Season Finalist

The Downtown Urban Arts Festival is planning a return to the stage in spiring/summer 2021 for its much anticipated 19th Annual season with Tony-nominee Reg E. Gaines back as its Artistic Director. From over 100 submissions received from across the nation, DUAF has selected the following emerging playwrights for its 2021 season.


Allison Whittenberg - Choice
Robin Rothstein - Grassroots
Elijah Vasquez - Teeter
Marcus Scott - Wookies in the Wilderness
Mel Nieves - TGIF Can't Get Here Soon Enough
Sarah Congress - COVID-19 Bachelore Number 5
Marcus Scott - Sundown Town
Mary E. Weems - A Conversation in an Elevator
Cris Eli Blak - Breakz
J. Lois Diamond - I Feel Good!
Alano P. Baez - Los Lolitas
Chima Chikazunga - The Detention Hours
Rollin Jewett - The Big Dream
Sheldon Shaw - Jailbird
Audrey Lang - Lily Ineffable
Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj - a sudanese mother... a mexican mother...


Kieran Carroll - The Youthful Adventures of Damon Dukirk
Andy Boyd - Coney Island Baby
Mallory Jane Weiss - A & Z's Escapes in Moonstruck City
Nattalie Gordon - Rice and Roundworm
Antionette Ellis - Williams - Scarf Diaries
Carmel Lotan - Smartphone Love
Juan Ramirez Jr. - Say Less
Kwik Jones - Memphis Bound
LaDarrion Williams - Umoja
Mehrnaz Tiv - Threads
Phil Blechman - Murderabilia
Brian Quirk - Morrow
Sheila Duane - The Loom
Tommy Jamerson - Murderous Innocent
Malique Guinn - Gang Sines
Lawrence DuKore - Sunshine

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