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Dancewave Presents A Night with The Tank, 3/19

Dancewave is excited to partner with Manhattan based arts presenter, The Tank, for A Night with The Tank, an in-studio performance art party to take place on Friday, March 19th at 7pm.

This one night only performance will be held at The Dancewave Center, 45 Fourth Avenue (at Dean Street) in Brooklyn and includes artists long affiliated with The Tank such as robot hands, Fox Paw, Veronica Carnero, RAKIA!, Diana Crum, Janet Werther/Motion Mix, and more!

Suggested donation is $5 at the door, all ages welcome.

Selected Tank Artist Bios

robot hands is performance art by jeso o'neill ( jeso is a movement/video/sound artist based in Brooklyn. She works exclusive with cakeface ( but has worked with many people in the past.

Fox Paw is a Brooklyn based exploratory music project formed by Brendan Byrne and Andrew Carter in late 2009. The luscious sounds of looped cello clash and compliment the dynamic arhythmic nature of their compositions allowing audiences to break from conventional ways of listening. The performance runs the gamut of 'new' music making techniques with elements of coding and digital music, electro-acoustic, homemade electronics, sampling/looping, and signal processing. Although Fox Paw performs mostly independently, they thoroughly enjoy undertaking interdisciplinary performances such as scoring dance pieces, participating in experimental theater, and generating live soundtracks for films.,

Veronica Carnero is originally from San Jose, CA and received her BFA in Dance at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. She has performed with the Julian Barnett Project, Juliana F. May, Stephan Koplowitz, Teri and Oliver Steele, Free Radical Collective, Lauren Hale and many fellow artists. Her own work has been presented at The Ringside in Durham, NC, Galapagos Art Space with the WillB Summerarts Festivale, 60x60 and AUNTS. She is a certified Yoga Teacher through the Laughing Lotus College of Yoga. She is excited to be working with fellow artists Kate Atherton, Molly Merkler and Adam Scher on a dance/media collaboration to be shown at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in June.

Janet Werther/Motion Mix, Janet Werther is a recent graduate of the Sarah Lawrence College MFA under the direction of Sara Rudner. While at SLC Janet had the opportunity to perform in work by Trisha Brown, Susan Rethorst, Donna Uchizono and Meghan McCoy. Her work has been presented at DNA's Work in Progress, DTW's College Partnership Program, Movement Research Open Perform, Dance/NOW RAW, and @ the Tank as well as at Buffalo Infringement and most recently with the Rochester Contemporary Dance Collective. Newly formed, Janet Werther/Motion Mix is committed to making dances in which the performers are empowered with creative and physical agency and in which depth of investigation both physically and cognitively is paramount, suggesting nuance in meaning via subtle shifts in context achieved through construction and manipulation of the formal elements of dance making: human bodies moving in time, space, and with energy.

RAKIA! is a collective of movers and shakers committed to making over-the-top, character-driven dance work, based in everyday American archetypes. Using humor, hyper-femininity and beautiful bodies bursting over, under and through time and space, the goal of their work is to peel back the layers of the seemingly ridiculous to reveal a kernel of truth. Spearheaded by choreographer Rakia Seaborn, her work has appeared at The Slipper Room, The Tank, Dixon Place, La Mama, etc., and The St. Lawrence Arts Center.

Diana Crum likes to dance. She likes to teach dance too. She has an MFA from Hollins University and a BA from Columbia University. Her work has been shown at a lot of places around town and out of town. More info at

About Dancewave
Established in 1995, Dancewave's mission is to ensure that New York City children and teens have access to the best dance training available. We accomplish this goal by bringing dance into the public schools, offering affordable dance classes, and giving kids and teens the opportunity to train with and perform the work of world-famous choreographers through our pre-professional performing companies. Dancewave serves Brooklyn youth through its many programs: Kids Cafe Festival, The Dancewave Company (formerly Kids Company), The Dancewave Company II (formerly Kids Company II), Young Movers Ensemble, Summer Dance Intensive, D-Wave in Motion, and The School at Dancewave.

For more information Dancewave's programs, please call 718 522 4696 or visit

About The Tank
Founded in 2003, The Tank is a non-profit arts presenter whose mission is to provide a welcoming, creative, collaborative, and affordable environment for artists and activists engaged in the pursuit of new ideas. Through a wide range of low-cost, high-concept arts and public affairs programming, The Tank seeks to cultivate a new generation of audience for live performance, civic discourse, and the work of emerging artists.

"Dancewave presents A Night with The Tank"

Friday, March 19, 2010; 7:00pm - $5
Location: Dancewave Center at 45 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217


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