BWW Prompts: Which #Ham4Ham Video Was Your Favorite?

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BWW Prompts: Which #Ham4Ham Video Was Your Favorite?

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Read some of our reader's answers below!


"The stage manager one!! I loved seeing the praise for the behind the scenes magic that makes a show like that go off so smoothly." @ME_Daymon731

"Elmo! It tickles me to no end! (Pun intended)" @ABCrawford83

"Tevye's Daughters & Lin-Manuel The sass, the SASS!" @PanscapeA

"Ladies of Hamilton, for sure. It was the first #Ham4Ham I'd ever seen - it might've been before I had even heard the original songs, too, though i'm not sure at this point. I suddenly understood the appeal of rap, and seeing these amazing women perform... life changing. really."

"The Schuyler Georges" @1nOnlyTraci


"Okie singing 'Defying Gravity' as Mickey Mouse." @marcela.raposo

"The Cabinet Battle! It was so hilariously awkward watching Daveed, Oak, Lin and Chris speak the lines rather than rap them in their modern suits in the White House and honestly it's what I would imagine the cabinet battles were actually like (also, Daveed's "hahahahahaaaaa?? was GOLD)" notallowedcoffee

"Probably 'Congratulations' because it was fun and Renée was just a mood during it." emilyraye_2007

"When Lin Manuel Miranda and Jonathon Groff both rapped the plug for In the Heights where they first met!" poppy.b14

"Definitely the Dear Evan Hansen one. Will Roland's rapping was fire." ama_frank69


"Renee rapping "Right Hand Man". The only version I recognize." J'Quay Lamonte Gibbs

"'The Confrontation' with Lin and Kyle Jean- Baptiste." Lea Passione

"The time Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Cephas- Jones Sang 'No Air. It's the one I still watch to this day." Isabella Leal

"The 8 Hamilkids! Those Fun Home kids were AMAZING and the raps were dope!" Neta Licht

"PATTI" Bianka Blaj

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