BWW CD Reviews: Nick Ziobro's A LOT OT LIVIN' TO DO - A Charming Mix of Standards

BWW CD Reviews: Nick Ziobro's A LOT OT LIVIN' TO DO - A Charming Mix of Standards
Cover art courtesy of Titanium Entertainment.

In the vein of Michael Bublé, the up and coming Nick Ziobro recently released his debut snazzy and swinging pop/jazz album A LOT OF LIVIN' TO DO. Immaculately produced by Michael Feinstein, this collection features a charming mix of Broadway, Jazz, and Pop favorites all arranged by Tedd Firth to showcase the 17 year-old's attractive vocal instrument. As a cohesive jazz album, Nick Ziobro's A LOT OF LIVIN' TO DO is the perfect companion for a romantic date night or a relaxing, quiet night at home with your favorite spirits.

Opening with the title track, plucked from the Broadway musical BYE BYE BIRDIE, Nick Ziobro shows a knowledge for musical phrasing and control that is well beyond his years. Listening to the album, it is clear that he is a seasoned performer; however, he utilizes a sophistication that others twice his age are still seeking. All of this enchants listeners and pulls us into the experience of the album, making our toes tap, fingers snap, and hips sway as we enjoy each of the 17 decadent tracks.

Listening to the album, several songs stand out to me for varied reasons. His confident rendition of "Nobody Else But Me" is filled with heartwarming swagger and charisma. For "The Rainbow Connection," a song I usually feel I hear too often on solo albums, he brings a smile to my face with his jazzy interpretation of the song. With a sweetly dulcet tone, he brings a gentle yearning to the classic number that truly warms the heart. He steps the tempo up on his version of the infamous standard "I Won't Dance," crafting a fun, peppy, and dazzling take on the cherished classic. On the other hand, he displays poise and grace on his deeply romanticized and evocative version of "How Long Has This Been Going On?"

In addition to Nick Ziobro's captivating vocals, the album features an impressive lineup of jazz veterans as well. Musical Director Tedd Firth provides the glue that makes the accompaniment stick together with his skillful piano playing. Bucky Pizzarelli on guitar and Jay Leonhart on bass are lively and energetic. Ray Marchica on drums gets our feet moving. Brian Pareschi shines on trumpet and flugelhorn solos. Marc Phaneuf adds radiant energy to the tracks with his saxophone and clarinet.

We have certainly heard all of these songs before, and we all have our favorite takes on these well-known numbers. What sets Nick Ziobro's A LOT OF LIVIN' TO DO apart from his competition is his musical integrity and his willingness to be consistently truthful to the pop/jazz style as he recreates these classics for himself and his fans. You may not find yourself jamming out to this album on your iPod, but you'll be glad to have it in your collection the next time you're planning a wonderfully understated and romantic evening for that perfect person in your life.

Nick Ziobro's A LOT OF LIVIN' TO DO was released digitally by Nick Ziobro and Titanium Entertainment on May 20, 2014. The album can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon, and elsewhere music is sold. For more information about Nick Ziobro and physical copies of the album please visit You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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