Andrew Rannells Says There's A 'Big Possibility' TAMMY FAYE Is Coming to Broadway 'Very Soon'

Andrew Rannells played Jim Bakker in the 2022 U.K. production of Tammy Faye: the Musical.

By: Oct. 31, 2023
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Andrew Rannells Says There's A 'Big Possibility' TAMMY FAYE Is Coming to Broadway 'Very Soon'

Elton John and Jake Shears' Tammy Faye: the Musical might be coming to Broadway "very soon!"

Andrew Rannells, who played Jim Bakker in the 2022 production in the U.K., sat down on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live last night with his Gutenberg! the Musical co-star Josh Gad.

During the episode, Rannells was asked what it was like working with Elton John on the acclaimed musical, noting that the production may be coming to Broadway "very soon."

"Working with Elton John was fantastic," Rannells shared. "I wasn't sure what that experience would be like, how much he would be around but he was around often and worked very hard on that show. I think yes, there's a big possibility you will be able to see that very soon."

Tammy Faye ran at London's Almeida Theatre in 2022, with songs by John and Shears and a book by award-winning writer James Graham (Ink, BBC's Sherwood).

From a studio in South Carolina, Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker revolutionised religion. Preaching to millions 24 hours a day, Tammy just wants to put the fun back into faith. But a new wave of ministers wants you not to just feel God in your heart, but in your homes, in your schools and in the law too.

Before going off to star in the musical's potential Broadway transfer, Rannells and Gad are headlining Gutenberg! until January 28, 2024. The pair also discussed their thoughts on Sondheim's final musical, which of them would play Roxie in Chicago, and more.

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Photo by Marc Brenner 

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