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ABT Principal James Whiteside To Release Third Pop Album July 27

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James Whiteside, ballet's boldest American principal dancer with a daring and unapologetic persona on and off stage, announces the release of his latest pop album, Bodega Bouquet, Monday, July 27, 2020. Released under the stage name JBDUBS and written and produced by Whiteside, the memoir-esque collection of songs will be available for download and streaming on all digital platforms.

Cycling through themes of relationships, sex, work, growing up and growing older, the record was completed while being laid off from American Ballet Theatre's Spring Season under New York's COVID-19 lock down orders. It's a creative collection of songs that range from sensitive to sad and bold to explicit. From topics of suicide in Left Alone, to navigating the gender nuances of the ballet world with a mastered version of his 2019 hit WTF, to a hypothetical break-up song written with long time partner, MILK, at its center. The record reflects Whiteside's unmistakable brand of irreverence, artistry, and humor, while also shaded with a palpable vulnerability.

"I've been working on this record since 2016 and I finally finished it during the COVID-19 lockdown," explains Whiteside. "It's sexy, funny, and tragic. I lament adulthood and all that comes with growing another year older and liken coming out to being a successful prostitute." He continues. "There is a more serious side that highlights a narrative about suicide, and I even sing a would-be breakup song for me and Milk, citing possible faults in our relationship."

While Whiteside wrote and produced the entire record, he welcomes friends and collaborators; mixer and producer for RuPaul Markaholic, vocalist Kenton Chen, guitarist and Boston Ballet principal dancer Paul Craig, Saxophonist Dan Meinhardt and pianist Michael Scales, both whom are accompanists at American Ballet Theatre, and composer Frank Moon, who worked on Whiteside's 2018 Joyce debut of The Tenant. The release of the record coincides with Whiteside's 36th birthday, July 27, 2020.

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