THE BEAUTY OF INCOMPLETE THINGS World Premiere to Play Cape Town, Begin. 1/24

THE BEAUTY OF INCOMPLETE THINGS World Premiere to Play Cape Town, Begin. 1/24The lives of three men unite on a heartbreaking journey that is filled with pathos, humour and candid revelations in THE BEAUTY OF INCOMPLETE THINGS, a provocative new South African play for discerning theatregoers that will enjoy its world premiere at The Intimate Theatre in Cape Town on January 26, 2014, with previews from January 24.

In THE BEAUTY OF INCOMPLETE THINGS, David, a flamboyant and dramatic diva-worshipper takes Tommy, his studly trophy masseur, to his cabin in the middle of the woods for his birthday weekend. David's intimate birthday celebration is interrupted when one of his best friends, Lawrence, a renowned actor, gate-crashes his fantasy. Fantasy and reality collide head-on in their brutal quest to find happiness. The truth surfaces and strips them bare, ultimately setting them free and releasing them from their humanity.

THE BEAUTY OF INCOMPLETE THINGS is written, produced, designed and directed by Daniel Dercksen, who has been a freelance film and theatre journalist for more than 30 years, and has also been teaching and mentoring writers at The Writing Studio. Dercksen hopes that the play will speak to everyone, as its voice echoes the memories that feed our fantasies, and the fears that prevent us from finding true happiness in world that has lost control. "I think what makes the play work extremely well is its universality," says Dercksen. "There's a bit of each character in all of us, and when we leave the theatre, we have a better understanding of the Tommy, David and Lawrence in all of us, and hopefully issues dealing with the emotional and physical abuse in broken relationships, prostituting oneself for the sake of art and love, obsessive and destructive love, the vulnerability of innocence, and the politics of survival will allow us to talk about this openly and heal our prejudice and make the world a better and more peaceful place to co-exist."
As such, Dercksen feels that THE BEAUTY OF INCOMPLETE THINGS is more than just a play. It celebrates creative expression and the freedom of expression at its most extreme, and equally salutes the talent of great actors. THE BEAUTY OF INCOMPLETE THINGS definitely shows that everything in life does not have to be perfect to be conventionally acknowledged. It is in the flawed lives of our fragile existence, lost loves, and lonely survival, that the true beauty of our humanity surfaces.

"All three characters have dark alter egos from their tainted past, destroying the fantasy of their reality; this really challenges the actors to the extreme and will hopefully provoke the imagination of theatergoers," he continues. "I wanted to create a conversation between the audience and the play, bending the conventions and stage it in a filmic way, allowing the audience to eavesdrop on what happens inside the cabin between the characters."

THE BEAUTY OF INCOMPLETE THINGS stars Rowan Studti in the challenging role of Tommy, with Wojtek Lipinski as David and Andre Lombard at Lawrence.

Following its opening, THE BEAUTY OF INCOMPLETE THINGS runs until February 16 at 8pm nightly from Tuesday to Sunday. Booking is at

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