Palace Theatre to Present XANADU as Part of Citizens Bank Performing Arts Series, Begin. 1/10

Palace Theatre to Present XANADU as Part of Citizens Bank Performing Arts Series, Begin. 1/10

The Palace Theatre announces the opening of Xanadu on Friday Jan 10th 7:30 PM, as the next show in the Citizens Bank Performing Arts Series. Xanadu, nominated for four Tony Awards, Is the hilarious Broadway musical featuring classic ELO and John Farrar hit songs, the beautiful Greek goddess Clio, disguised as the Australian?accented mortal Kira, is sent by Zeus on a quest from the heavens to inspire the young beach?boy artist Sonny Malone to achieve his roller skate?fueled obsession to open a roller disco. Based on the famous 1980 movie starring Olivia Newton John and Gene Kelly, their disco driven rolling adventure is surrounded by popular hits from the '80s like "Magic," "I'm Alive," "Evil Woman" and, of course, "Xanadu."

The cast welcomes back several Palace Theatre favorites such as, Whitney Meyer who recently played Sandy in Grease as Kira and Jenna Kantor, Spamalot's Lady of the Lake who will be playing Calliope. Nathan Meyer, Whitney's husband in real life will be playing opposite her as the leading male role of Sonny. As always Carl Rajotte, The Palace Theatre's Artistic Director, has assembled an extremely talented cast. Not only can the professional actors from New York, act sing and dance, they can also roller skate!

Xanadu is a family friendly comedy perfect for anyone who loves roller skating, the 80's, dazzling costumes and over the top humor. Recent reviews include:"The quips are quick, the timing flawless - Xanadu is a well?oiled '80s machine that could not be having any more fun without some sort of illicit drug involved," Jasmine Joshua wrote in Xanadu is so funny and enjoyable, you would have to be made of stone not to have a great time."

Xanadu, part of the Citizens Bank Performing Arts Series runs January 10th-25th at The Palace Theatre. Tickets are available at the box office located at 80 Hanover Street in Manchester, N.H.; on line at or by calling 603.668.5588.

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