Four HumorsÂ' 2012-13 Season to Include CANDIDE, HAROLD and More

Four HumorsÂ’ 2012-13 Season to Include CANDIDE, HAROLD and More

Four Humors today announced its new season of "creation full of adventure, imagination and wonder. Now in its 8th year of performance, Four Humors continues its tradition of original works and innovative adaptations with three productions in very different genres."

“This season highlights one of Four Humors best abilities; to tell a story that is too big for the characters,” says Artistic Director Jason Ballweber. “Four Humors has a fantastic way of creating very real characters who have to deal with situations that they are wholly unprepared for. In this upcoming season, Bombus the Bee and Berylline the Hummingbird prepare for a midnight flight, Candide has never even kissed a girl before he is swept off into an adventure across the world, and two brothers have to deal with being in the middle of nowhere when their scarecrow comes to life.”

Bombus and Berylline: The Hummingbird and the Bee

Cincinnati Fringe Festival | May 29 - June 9, 2012

Gremlin Theater | June 14-30, 2012

Based on character concepts by company members Rachel Petrie and Ryan Lear, paintings from local artist Amy Crickenberger Oeth, and stories from children of all ages, Bombus and Berylline: The Hummingbird and the Bee is sure to be full of beautiful visuals, light-hearted music, whimsical text and imaginative storytelling. 

“Originally, Ryan and I were going to write a children’s book based on the idea,” says Petrie, “but, when the company started talking about new show ideas for the upcoming season, I thought it would make a fantastic theatrical production.” 

With this new direction in mind, Crickenberger Oeth created a series of paintings to serve as the inspiration for the two main character’s adventures. These images were given to kids who then described what they thought was happening in the scenes. Four Humors collected the stories, and now director Dario Tangelson is leading actors Rachel Petrie and Jason Ballweber through a collaboration that will unwind the wildly imaginative narratives and weave them into a tale of adventure that’s fun for the entire family.

“Working on this show is an absolute delight,” says Ballweber. “We are learning a wonderful lesson from working with children; to quit editing ourselves and that if something isn't fun, it is our duty to make it fun.”


Minnesota Fringe Festival – U of M Thrust | August 3-11, 2012

A young man indoctrinated by the philosophy of the day. A philosopher dead certain in his reasoning. And a world that refuses to be constrained by reason of any kind.

Using Voltaire’s classic 18th century novel Candide, playwright Nick Ryan and Director Jason Ballweber bring us a comedy concerning floggings, rape, justifiable homicide, ship travel, earthquakes, tempests, Bulgar soldiers, French surgeons, Grand Inquisitors, Barons, Jews, Christians, Jesuits, mass murder, death, desire, artistic critique, fallen kings, the lost city of El Dorado, public execution, storytelling, and the general joy and suffering one finds within this, the best of all possible worlds.

According to playwright Nick Ryan, "Candide has proven a joy to adapt thus far and immensely relevant to the world we find ourselves in today… the process has largely consisted of me stepping out of Voltaire's way!"


Halloween Festival – Southern Theater | August 26 – November 3rd, 2012

Based on the best of campfire ghost stories, Harold is a horrific comedy that delves into the deepest fears of our own imaginations and the animal instincts of the human psyche.

Two brothers drive their herd deep into the mountain to graze. Isolated from the outside world, they build a scarecrow for their amusement; Harold. They show Harold amazing kindness and they show Harold amazing cruelty, until one day, Harold starts repaying the favor.

Winner of the Critic’s Pick Award at the 2010 Cincinnati Fringe Festival, Harold makes it’s regional debut at the Halloween Festival at the Southern Theater in October.

Full festival lineup will be available later this summer.

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