Secret World beneath London airs on PBS June 22

May 19
7:23 AM 2014
Secret World beneath London airs on PBS June 22

Airing next month on PBS is a unique documentary about sites beneath London, for example the secret bunkers used by Winston Churchill during WWII and silver vaults housing the world's most fascinating silverworks. Called "Secrets of underground London," the show will air to the public beginning June 22.

The program begins with an archaeological find beneath Guildhall, an original Roman amphitheater built around 50 AD for gladiator events. The site could accommodate 5 - 6,000 people, which was the majority of Londoners at the time. Next is a site hidden beneath The Museum of London, where 20,000 skeletons were found - graves from the Black Death Plague which began in 1348. Next are 22 miles of tunnels cut beneath Chislehurst, where miners extracted chalk needed to build brick and mortar buildings which replaced wooden ones destroyed in the 1666 Fire of London. Many other wonders are found beneath Wapping, Clerkenwell and The Chancery. The show concludes with a peak at the 200,000 artifacts stored in the basements of the British Museum and the 400 miles of book shelves stacked beneath the British Library. The holdings are so immense it would take you 80,000 years to read the books on hand, provided you could read 5 books per day.

Check local listings for this program on PBS.

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