VIDEO: Cast of 'Murphy Brown' Reunites on KATIE

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On this week's KATIE, host Katie Couric recalled her guest appearance on "Murphy Brown," and the cast reflects on their 10 years on the show on a special 'Murphy Brown' reunion show. Watch a clip from the broadcast below!

About KATIE:

Katie is timely and topical – blending entertainment, information and the stories of each day in a way that is engaging and compelling. On the show, Katie tackles a wide range of issues – some of them important, some of them just plain fun.

She loves interacting with her audience, shedding some light on the things that matter most to them, and hopefully provide useful advice and solutions. All while having some fun along the way.

Katie tapes in front of a studio audience every day from ABC's TV1 Studio in New York City. It is an interactive format, engaging guests before, during, and after the show. Katie is syndicated and distributed by Disney/ABC Domestic Television.

VIDEO: Cast of 'Murphy Brown' Reunites on KATIE

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