Pure Leaf Teas - Pure Leaf has ten new hot and iced tea options available that make a ideal gift for your favorite tea drinker. The bagged teas include Black Tea with Vanilla, Green Tea with Mint, and Chai Tea. There is also a delightful selection of bagged teas that are great for icing. Their loose leaf teas include English Breakfast Black Tea and Gunpowder Green Tea. All of the new selections are wonderfully well balanced for the best tea drinking experience. Visit:

The Little Kernel Popcorn - Founded by Chris Laurita of the hit show "The Real Housewives of NJ" and Andy Epstein, The Little Kernel is a new brand of popcorn that is both delicious and healthy. The Little Kernel is made of a unique, hulless, "miniature kernel" that gives it a crunchy, yet delicate texture. Popped in 100% pure olive oil, The Little Kernel is made with whole grains and has no artificial ingredients. Pick up a bag to share at holiday celebrations. Visit:

Buffalo Wild Wings - The delicious seasonings that you love on your food at Buffalo Wild Wings is available for retail sale. Choose from 16 delicious varieties of rubs and sauces. They can be found at the restaurant's Times Square location. And to find a Buffalo Wild Wings near you, visit

Brooklyn Cider House - A hard cider renaissance is afoot, with craft cider becoming the next big thing as more people realize this fermented, low-alcohol beverage can be as complex and as food-friendly as wine. Terrific holiday gifts this year are the award-winning bottlings from Brooklyn Cider House, a new line of ciders launched by Peter Yi, former wine buyer and owner of NYC's popular PJ Wine store. Pick up some for holiday parties and when you're visiting friends and family. Visit:

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