Entrepreneur and CEO of MissNowMrs.com Launches ELEGANT ENTREPRENEUR

Danielle Tate, CEO of MissNowMrs.com, a multimillion dollar online name change service for brides, has added author to her resume with her first book, Elegant Entrepreneur: The Female Founder's Guide to Starting & Growing Your First Company. Available now on AMAZON as a paperback and AMAZON Kindle, this easy-to-read, girlfriend's guide for all ages provides a window into the world of entrepreneurship, from the viewpoint of a woman, in the hopes that other entrepreneur curious women will better understand the benefits of being a female founder and gain the confidence they need to build an idea into a first company.

In this step-by-step guide to entrepreneurship, the reader is first introduced to the Innovation Gauntlet, a first-of-its kind series of questions to assess whether their idea is a viable one to start a company. From there, the book takes women on a journey through market research, business planning, finding a cofounder/building a team, timing their leap into entrepreneurship, obtaining funding and building their product or service. The book is cleverly divided into 12 chapters to represent the major steps to creating a successful business (left brain) and 12 elegant entrepreneurship insights (right brain) that provide pleasingly ingenious and simple concepts to gracefully span the gaps between the business steps. These transparent, candid glimpses into the entrepreneur lifestyle will help any woman make a clear decision about whether the lifestyle is right for them and their vision of success.

Danielle, as well as, more than 25 female founders, entrepreneurs, and top ranking executives share their wisdom and experience on how they achieved their goal of starting a successful business. Included in the book are the founders of such companies as Rent the Runway, Springboard Enterprises, ClassPass, WeddingWire, and MergeLane. In addition, Barbara Corcoran of The Corcoran Group and of Shark Tank fame has contributed her insights and advice for women in the exit phase of their entrepreneurship. The wisdom from the experts interviewed will help women avoid pitfalls and map their way to success.

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