BWW Interview: TONY N TINA'S Beautiful Bride, Karah Osland Krajewski

BWW Interview: TONY N TINA'S Beautiful Bride, Karah Osland Krajewski

Karah Osland Krajewski is the beautiful bride in Buffalo's popular improvisational play "Tony N Tina's Wedding".

This is part one of the three interviews I will be having with its very large cast.

MCL: How long have you been a part of The Actors Anonymous Theatre Company?

KARAH: I have been with the company for 10 years.

MCL: Describe what kind of theater Actors Anonymous does?

KARAH: AATC does interactive theatre. The audience is a part of the show so the fourth wall is broken and the actors talk to the patrons.

MCL: What was the first show you did for them?

KARAH: The first show I did with them was an Irish show called Lafferty's Wake.

MCL: What is Tony N Tina's Wedding?

KARAH: It is an interactive and improvisational play. The show satires an Italian-American wedding in which the audience participates in all aspects of the fictitious event.

MCL: How much is improvisational and how much is scripted?

KARAH: The ceremony is completely scripted. The reception has scripted moments that happen in every show but our interaction with the audience throughout the show is all improvised.

MCL: What is your role?

KARAH: I play Tina...the bride!

MCL: What other shows have you done with Actors Anonymous?

KARAH: I have done Lafferty's Wake, The Broadway Melody Hour Murders and The King & Queens Royal Feast.

MCL: Do most of the audience understand what improvisational is before they see the show?

KARAH: I think we have two types of audience members; those that have seen the show before and understand improvisational theatre from experiencing it and those that have not and may have some idea about it but don't get the full scope until the show begins.

MCL: What is there about Tony N Tina do you want people to know about?

KARAH: Actors Anonymous Theatre Company has been producing the show for over 16 years making us the longest running comedy in Buffalo. We have consistently sold out audiences throughout WNY and Canada every year and have been seen by over 45,000 people over the last 16 years!

MCL: The toughest part of this kind of theater?

KARAH: Personally, the toughest part is not knowing what kind of audience you will have each night. We can have a very reserved audience which we have to work extra hard to get involved or sometimes audience members will take their interaction to an extreme and go over the line. The show is also exhausting for an actor. We are "on" for three hours straight with no break. There are no scene changes or intermission. Once I walk down that aisle I am Tina until I get to the dressing room after the show.

MCL: What do you want people to know about Tony N Tina's that they may not know?

KARAH: You can interact as much or as little as you want and still have a great time! You can not be a 'theatre person' and still have a great time! You can HATE weddings and you still will have a great time! The show is like no other. A group of single ladies will have just as much fun as a table of senior citizen couples.

MCL: Finally ... Promote yourself ... What do you have coming up for 2017?

KARAH: After TnT is over I will be back to playing my favorite role of Mommy to my 5 and 7 year old kiddos. In the fall when our season is announced I will be back on stage with AATC.


FB: @ActorsAnonymousTheatreCompany

Twitter: @AATCBuffalo

Instagram: @actorsanonymoustheatre


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