Interview: Kevin Alexander talks about SINGDAPTIVE!

Victoria, BC based online learning platform for singers releases new subscription options this month!

By: Nov. 04, 2021
Interview: Kevin Alexander talks about SINGDAPTIVE!

SINGDAPTIVE is an online learning platform for singers of various levels. Even though the company is based in Victoria, BC, the online service is available for people worldwide day or night. The flexibility of SINGDAPTIVE is what makes it so accessible for everyone to access within their own schedule. With a large database of online resources, one-on-one coaching, and access to world-class instructors, SINGDAPTIVE is a go-to resource for any singer of any skill level. This month, they are launching two new subscription options called "SINGDAPTIVE for Auditions" and "SINGDAPTIVE for Educators" which will help singers before an important audition or help singing educators with their teaching. I had the pleasure of interviewing Co-founder and CEO of SINGDAPTIVE, Kevin Alexander, about the online learning platform and all it has to offer. Read the full interview below!

As a co-founder of SINGDAPTIVE, what was your team's inspiration/reason for starting this online learning platform?

Kevin: The four founders all have music industry experience ranging from vocal coaching to sound engineering. Collectively, we also have decades of experience generating great content for singers. One thing that we noticed that was lacking with singing education resources was the back and forth feedback allowing students to truly learn and improve. This is an important aspect of the learning process as just gaining knowledge by watching YouTube videos isn't always the most effective. We figured out a novel way to bring great content, professional vocal coaches, and technology together to make something better than the standard private singing lesson.

What makes SINGDAPTIVE different from other approaches of vocal instruction?

Kevin: One of the unique differentiators of SINGDAPTIVE is based around personal asynchronous learning. This means you do not need to be face-to-face or in the same room as your instructor. You are able to learn on your own time, but still receive the same level of feedback from an instructor. In addition, you can also replay instructions over again to pick up on different aspects of the lesson (which is something you can't do in a single in-person session). SINGDAPTIVE really allows both the singer and the instructor to take their time with learning and allows for greater digestion of the lesson.

For people interested in SINGDAPTIVE, can the learning platform cater to all types of music genres?

Kevin: Absolutely! We see all types of singers join from musical theatre, choral, rock, country, and more. It is amazing how often a singer wants to sing in a genre new to them. SINGDAPTIVE is for anyone who wants to sing or shape their voice. The singer will receive instruction from a team of instructors who can tailor their approach to their singing style.

What does a typical one-on-one virtual instruction session entail?

Kevin: We call a one-on-one virtual instruction session an "exchange". An exchange has an overview section and a series of tasks. The overview section starts with a personal video from a lead instructor that contains feedback on the previous exchange and summarizes the new tasks. Each task includes content from instructors on our team, exercises created specifically for the singer, or questions to help assess challenges or vocal health issues. These tasks often include a required video or text submission. The singer finishes the tasks and submits the completed exchange, which gets reviewed by the lead instructor. The singer can review all their exchanges at any time.

SINGDAPTIVE's team is comprised of a variety of instructors including vocal coaches, songwriters, engineers, and medical specialists. How did you find these industry experts to join your team?

Kevin: As founders, our previous experiences gave us a vast network of connections. For example, Greg Barker and Kathy Alexander collaborated on a book for contemporary singers that included contributions from over 125 vocal coaches, engineers, and medical specialists. Our work in the musical instruments industry, specifically working on microphones and processors for singers, put us in touch with singers of all genres and experience levels.

To follow up to the previous question, how does a new client get matched with an instructor? Do they have the option to choose or is there another way they are matched up with someone from your team?

Kevin: We have 21 instructors on our platform with more coming on board. All the instructors create content in their expertise areas. All the instructors are able to learn from each other. The lead instructors on our platform also do the assessment and personal videos on our platform. After listening to the singers' goals and experience, we choose the lead instructor; however, we also switch the lead instructor as their goals and experience change. Singers on our platform that have worked with us for more than 12 months have enjoyed working with more than one instructor. There have been some singers that have had a preference; we do our best to accommodate what will help them learn best.

This month, SINGDAPTIVE will now have a "SINGDAPTIVE for Auditions" and a "SINGDAPTIVE for Educators" option. How will these sessions differ from a normal one-on-one session? What kind of extra skills and topics will these sessions cover?

Kevin: Both products make use of the same Exchangely technology that powers our regular asynchronous coaching - so the experience is very similar. With auditions, we have a number of instructors who've created an application-oriented curriculum on auditioning. These instructors have experience with musical theatre, cruise ship, choral, and lead singer auditions. We've created some unique exchanges that help simulate some experiences that happen in auditions.

For educators, what's unique is that educators can get coaching on their own singing and vocal health, but they can also come with challenges they are having with a particular student or group member student. The concept comes from our direct experience with our instructor team. They are constantly coaching each other and giving advice on students they are working with.

Why should singers choose SINGDAPTIVE for vocal coaching?

Kevin: Singers are all extremely busy and making time for in-person instruction can become difficult. SINGDAPTIVE can be used at any time from anywhere thanks to its digital nature and still provides personal instruction that is tailored to you and your style. It is extremely easy to use and still gets you access with world-class instructors who have trained Broadway and Disney stars to singers like Steven Tyler.

To learn more about SINGDAPTIVE, please visit

Photo: SINGDAPTIVE FOUNDERS (Left to Right) Kathy Alexander, Greg A. Barker, Stephen Evans, and Kevin Alexander.

Photo Credit: SINGDAPTIVE 2021


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