Third Wheel Theatre Fest Presents a Festival of New Canadian Work

Third Wheel Theatre Fest Presents a Festival of New Canadian WorkThree theatre makers, coming from three different parts of Canada, team up to bring you an evening of three entirely different live theatrical experiences exploring perception, memory and home.

A mini-festival of new Canadian works, The Third Wheel Theatre Fest opens April 20 2017 and runs for 3 nights and one Saturday matinée until April 22 at The Commons Theatre at 587a College St. Toronto.

Taliesin McEnaney from Montreal, QC via Las Vegas, the first workshop of her ensemble-devised creation, BRAIN STORM.

Kevin Woolridge, of St. John's, NL performs his one-man show


Andrew Ritchie, of Edmonton AB directs a workshop presentation of the latest play from Geoffrey Simon Brown, STILL STILL STILL

BRAIN STORM is a visually poetic journey about one woman dealing with a brain injury, another communicating with the spirits, and the neurosurgeon who's convinced that consciousness supersedes death. Director Taliesin McEnaney's grandmother was a 'script mentalist medium' -she channeled written messages from the spirit realm to her home in 1970s suburban Ontario. One message, from deceased neuro-surgeon DR. Wilder Penfield, proclaimed that the mind does go on separately from the physical brain when it dies. Fast- forward 40 years and Taliesin is dealing with a major brain injury within her own family and struggling with many of the questions that Penfield devoted his work to. Using a physical and visual style of story-telling, BRAIN STORM is her metabolization of these decade-spanning events which asks the question; are our brains magic, machines - or both?

With actor-creators Hayley Briggs, Maïza Dubhé, Shayna Virginillo, and Alex Montagnese, stage-managed by Shannon Farrell and designed by Will Bezek. This is a workshop presentation.

BRAIN STORM is performing at 7pm nightly and at 2pm on Saturday afternoon.

In ALL THE BIRDS IN THEIR BIRDHOUSES we find one life reliving the past, one life stuck in the present, and one life looking for a future. Three heartbreaking and uplifting stories of people trying to both define and find their way home. Trevor wants freedom and a motorcycle to take him away from himself. John wants to forget the past and move on. Catherine is lost in memory looking for a place to rest. Actor and writer Kevin Woolridge weaves these stories on an empty stage, full of loss, love, and redemption and asks you to consider "What's holding you back from finding your home?"

Written and performed by Kevin Woolridge with dramaturgy by Tanja Jacobs and Robert Chafe.

ALL THE BIRDS IN THEIR BIRDHOUSES is performing at 8pm nightly and 3pm on Saturday afternoon.

In STILL STILL STILL, by Geoffrey Simon Brown, we go on an impossible journey with Solomon Strange - the world's greatest Mnemonist - a man desperate to let go of his past but who literally cannot forget. Brown explores memory, synesthesia, and humanity's search for connection in his newest work inspired by Solomon Shereshevsky and the book The Mind of a Mnemonist by Alexander Luria. STILL STILL STILL is an experiential manifestation of Solomon's world where everything happens at once and everyone exists together. In our current culture of the technological and social media obsessed, what do you do when you cannot forget?

Directed by Andrew Ritchie. With Erik Mrakvovic as Solomon Strange. STILL STILL STILL also features the ensemble Rob Fothergill, Bobbi Goddard, Mariann Kirby, Louise Lambert, and Joe Perry. Production Designer is Alexandra Caprara, Sound Designer is Michael Palumbo, Pianist is Perri Lo, Stage Manager is Kim Craig. This is Canadian Actors' Equity Association production under the Artists' Collective Policy.

STILL STILL STILL is performing at 9:30 pm nightly and 4:30pm on Saturday afternoon.

The Third Wheel Theatre Fest runs for 3 nights and one matinee. Each play performs every night in the same order:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday April 20-22 7:00pm - 7:45pm - BRAIN STORM

7:45pm - 8:00pm Intermission


9:00pm - 9:30pm Intermission

9:30pm - 10:30pm STILL STILL STILL

Saturday April 22 Matinée 2:00pm - 2:45pm BRAIN STORM

2:45pm - 3:00pm Intermission


4:00pm - 4:30pm Intermission

4:30pm - 5:30pm STILL STILL STILL

You can come for each individual show (cash only) or buy tickets for the entire evening on-line at or at the door (cash only).

There will be an intermission between each show and drinks will be available for purchase.

TICKETS: $10 per individual show, $15 for all three shows. Available on line at:

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