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'Why Is It Called Broadway?' ...and Other Burning Theatre Questions Answered!
by Team BWW - July 11, 2021

Just now discovering the magic of Broadway? Looking to impress your theatre-loving friends, but lacking the intel to keep up with the conversation? BroadwayWorld is here to help get you up to speed! What is Broadway? Why is it called Broadway? We're answering those questions!

What Time Will Your Broadway Show Get Out?
by Nicole Rosky - February 22, 2020

Updated November 2023. Not all Broadway shows are created equal when it comes to runtime*. While some productions might wrap up in an hour and a half or less, others can last for double that, complete with multiple intermissions. Will you make your train home? Will you arrive home in time to relieve the sitter? Don't let your own anxiety about runtime ruin the eleven o'clock number. Know before you go and enjoy your show worry-free!

Which Broadway Shows Are On Tour in 2020? The Full List!
by Nicole Rosky - February 8, 2020

Theatre fans need not travel all the way to New York City to get a taste of Broadway. Though the Big Apple boasts perhaps the freshest productions and greatest talents in the world, many of the most successful shows on Broadway will eventually hit the road- bringing and equally magical (though sometimes slightly updated) version of their production to cities across the country.

Who Are Broadway Dance Captains and What Do They Do?
by Nicole Rosky - January 11, 2020

What does it mean to be a dance captain? In this article we'll break down how they keep Broadway running, what they do on shows and more!

How to 'Stage Door' a Broadway Show
by Nicole Rosky - November 24, 2019

Are you a Broadway superfan? Do you dream about locking eyes with your favorite Broadway beltress? Do you fantasize about posing for a selfie with a future Tony winner? All of this is possible if you know where to look... the stage door! Visiting the stage door, or 'stagedooring' as it is commonly known, is a an increasingly popular tradition for fans who are looking for a 'cherry on top' experience after seeing a Broadway show. A great stage door experience can be had by all by simply following the rules below: 

What You Can (and Can't) Bring Into a Broadway Theatre
by Nicole Rosky - November 2, 2019

Check out a full list of items they may or may mot be allowed into a Broadway show. Before you head to the theatre, it's important to keep in mind that certain items that you might have on hand will not be permitted inside a Broadway theatre. Which ones might cause trouble? We've got you covered.

The 10 Best Restaurant/Bars to Grab Post-Show Drinks in NYC
by Nicole Rosky - September 27, 2019

What are the best places to get a drink after a Broadway show? Let us help you pick. There is no better way to wind down from an evening of Broadway, than with a post-show drink. Where should you go to raise a glass? Check our our picks for the most convenient and most delicious after-theatre drinks to keep your thirst quenched long after the curtain comes down.

A Guide to Winning Broadway Ticket Lotteries!
by Nicole Rosky - August 17, 2019

Whether you're a rabid theatre fan, a casual lover of the arts, or just an ordinary tourist who appreciates great entertainment, no trip to New York City is complete without an experience at a Broadway show. You might have already booked tickets months in advance (good for you!), but if you haven't, there's still hope!

Where/When to Eat Before Your Broadway Show
by Nicole Rosky - July 27, 2019

Do you have tickets to a Broadway show, but have no idea where or when to eat beforehand? BroadwayWorld is here to help! Let's break it down. Full disclosure: you can eat just about anywhere in the city and make it to your show if you give yourself enough time to get there (click here for an overview of transportation options). If you would prefer an easy journey from food to theatre, however, make your plans in the Theatre District. What is the Theater District, you ask?

Fun Facts About All 41 Broadway Theatres
by Nicole Rosky - May 11, 2019

What makes a Broadway theatre? Technically any venue with 500 seats or more, located along Broadway in New York City's Theatre District is a Broadway theatre, and the art that is produced in these special places is widely considered the highest form of theatrical entertainment in the world. Today, forty-one theatres are technically Broadway houses, each with their own rich history. Below, we're giving you the scoop on the life of every one of them!

Which Musicals Are the Top Shows for High Schools?
by Nicole Rosky - October 31, 2021

We're outlining the pros of 2022/23's most produced high school shows, including insight on the background, roles, songs and more! Find out what musicals are done the most at schools. 

Which Broadway Shows are Appropriate for Kids?
by Team BWW - October 27, 2018

Updated November 2023 - It's important to understand how to best determine which Broadway musical or play might be best for your whole family. In this guide, we break it down into two simple steps to help you pick the right show to see with your kids.

When to Buy Tickets to a Broadway Show
by Nicole Rosky - August 12, 2018

You're making plans for your first trip to New York City. Your travel is booked; your hotel stay is confirmed; your itinerary is underway, and you want a Broadway show to be on it. One question remains... when should you purchase your tickets?

How to Get to Your Broadway Show
by Nicole Rosky - June 24, 2018

New York City, sprawled over 300 square miles and five boroughs, can be difficult to navigate for first-timers, but that doesn't mean that your trip to the theatre district need be a complicated one. Below, we're breaking down transportation options that will get you to your show in time for curtain!

What Should You Wear to a Broadway Show?
by Nicole Rosky - March 11, 2018

What should you wear to a Broadway show?  As you pack your suitcase or plan a night out, one real question remains: What's the dress code for Broadway? This guide will tell you what to do.