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1633 Broadway at 50th St.

New York, NY

BUILT: 1972

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Seating Chart

Circle in the Square (Broadway) Seating Chart

Circle in the Square (Broadway) History

The Circle in the Square Theatre was founded in 1951. It was originally located at 5 Sheridan Square in Greenwich Village, and featured performances including Tennessee Williams' Summer and Smoke starring with Geraldine Page, and Eugene O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh, starring Jason Robard. In 1960 the company moved to the Circle in the Square Downtown, at 159 Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. The current Circle in the Square Theatre in midtown was built in 1970. The theatre's first Broadway production was a revival of Mourning Becomes Electra in 1972. The theatre operated as a non-profit, subscription supported producing house for the following 25 years, before filing for bankruptcy in 1997. The theatre reopened in 1999, operating as an independent commercial receiving house, with profits from the operation of the used to support the Circle in the Square Theatre School.

Shows to have been performed at the Circle in the Square Theatre include: The Glass Menagerie (1975 revival) starring Maureen StapletonPamela Payton-WrightRip Torn, and Paul Rudd; A Streetcar Named Desire (1988 revival); Sweeney Todd (1989 revival) starring Bob GuntonBeth FowlerJim WaltonEddie Korbich and more; The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (2005); Godspell (2011) revival starring Hunter ParrishWallace SmithAnna Maria Perez de Tagle, Celisse HendersonTelly LeungGeorge SalazarMorgan JamesUzo AdubaNick Blaemire, and Lindsay Mendez; Fun Home (2015) starring Beth MaloneMichael CerverisJudy KuhnSydney LucasEmily Skeggs; Once on This Island (2017); and Oklahoma! (2019 revival) starring Rebecca Naomi JonesDamon DaunnoAli StrokerJames DavisWill BrillPatrick Vaill, and Mary Testa; plus many more!

Shows at the Circle in the Square (Broadway)

2/27/2024 - 6/16/2024 An Enemy of the People (2024)
9/14/2023 - 11/19/2023 Melissa Etheridge: My Window (2023)
10/13/2022 - 12/11/2022 KPOP (2022)
3/22/2022 - 7/10/2022 American Buffalo (2022)
9/23/2021 - 1/2/2022 Chicken and Biscuits (2021)
3/19/2019 - 1/12/2020 Oklahoma! (2019)
11/9/2017 - 1/6/2019 Once On This Island (2017)
11/10/2016 - 4/16/2017 In Transit (2016)
3/27/2015 - 9/10/2016 Fun Home (2015)
10/31/2014 - 2/8/2015 The River (2014)
3/25/2014 - 10/5/2014 Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill (2014)
1/10/2014 - 3/2/2014 Bronx Bombers (2014)
7/17/2013 - 10/13/2013 Soul Doctor (2013)
10/13/2011 - 6/24/2012 Godspell (2011)
9/23/2010 - 5/22/2011 Lombardi (2010)
2/12/2010 - 4/4/2010 The Miracle Worker (2010)
4/11/2009 - 7/26/2009 The Norman Conquests Trilogy (2009)
4/9/2009 - 7/26/2009 The Norman Conquests: Living Together (2009)
4/8/2009 - 7/26/2009 The Norman Conquests: Table Manners (2009)
4/7/2009 - 7/26/2009 The Norman Conquests: Round and Round the Garden (2009)
8/19/2008 - 8/19/2008 for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf (2008) [Cancelled] Click Here to Buy Tickets
4/22/2008 - 5/6/2008 Glory Days (2008)
4/15/2005 - 1/20/2008 The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (2005)
1/31/2005 - 1/31/2005 Escape: 6 Ways to Get Away (2) (2005)
12/6/2004 - 12/6/2004 Escape: 6 Ways to Get Away (1) (2004)
4/28/2004 - 8/22/2004 Frozen (2004)
3/11/2003 - 6/29/2003 Life (x) 3 (2003)
2/21/2002 - 2/16/2003 Metamorphoses (2002)
10/19/2000 - 1/6/2002 The Rocky Horror Show (2000)
2/17/2000 - 7/29/2000 True West (2000)
1/13/1999 - 6/13/1999 Not About Nightingales (1999)
2/4/1997 - 4/27/1997 Stanley (1997)
7/25/1996 - 11/2/1996 Hughie (1996)
5/7/1996 - 6/23/1996 Tartuffe: Born Again (1996)
2/3/1996 - 3/17/1996 Bus Stop (1996)
11/18/1995 - 1/14/1996 Holiday (1995)
9/22/1995 - 11/5/1995 Garden District (1995)
3/23/1995 - 7/2/1995 The Rose Tattoo (1995)
2/4/1995 - 3/19/1995 Uncle Vanya (1995)
11/4/1994 - 1/1/1995 The Shadow Box (1994)
4/9/1993 - 5/16/1993 Wilder, Wilder, Wilder (1993)
8/11/1992 - 10/4/1992 Anna Karenina (1992)
5/28/1992 - 8/1/1992 Chinese Coffee (1992)
5/25/1992 - 7/29/1992 Salome (1992)
5/25/1992 - 8/1/1992 Salome / Chinese Coffee (1992)
2/7/1992 - 4/5/1992 Search and Destroy (1992)
9/20/1991 - 1/5/1992 On Borrowed Time (1991)
6/7/1991 - 8/25/1991 Getting Married (1991)
2/1/1991 - 4/28/1991 Taking Steps (1991)
10/11/1990 - 12/30/1990 The Miser (1990)
4/28/1990 - 6/17/1990 Zoya's Apartment (1990)
8/5/1989 - 2/25/1990 Sweeney Todd (1989)
4/8/1989 - 5/28/1989 Ghetto (1989)
10/21/1988 - 2/19/1989 The Devil's Disciple (1988)
6/19/1988 - 6/27/1988 An Evening With Robert Klein (1988)
6/17/1988 - 9/4/1988 The Night of the Iguana (1988)
2/20/1988 - 5/22/1988 A Streetcar Named Desire (1988)
2/14/1987 - 1/3/1988 Coastal Disturbances (1987)
9/19/1986 - 1/25/1987 You Never Can Tell (1986)
4/10/1986 - 6/29/1986 The Boys in Autumn (1986)
1/10/1986 - 3/9/1986 The Caretaker (1986)
12/20/1985 - 1/4/1986 The Robert Klein Show! (1985)
9/21/1985 - 12/15/1985 The Marriage of Figaro (1985)
5/9/1985 - 9/1/1985 Arms and the Man (1985)
2/20/1985 - 4/14/1985 The Loves of Anatol (1985)
6/1/1984 - 1/20/1985 Design For Living (1984)
2/17/1984 - 4/29/1984 Awake and Sing! (1984)
11/18/1983 - 2/5/1984 Heartbreak House (1983)
4/15/1983 - 11/6/1983 The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial (1983)
1/7/1983 - 3/27/1983 The Misanthrope (1983)
6/22/1982 - 1/2/1983 Present Laughter (1982)
3/19/1982 - 5/23/1982 Eminent Domain (1982)
1/12/1982 - 2/14/1982 Macbeth (1982)
9/18/1981 - 1/3/1982 Candida (1981)
6/12/1981 - 7/19/1981 Scenes and Revelations (1981)
3/13/1981 - 4/26/1981 The Father (1981)
11/28/1980 - 2/8/1981 John Gabriel Borkman (1980)
9/14/1980 - 11/23/1980 The Bacchae (1980)
6/8/1980 - 9/7/1980 The Man Who Came to Dinner (1980)
4/4/1980 - 6/1/1980 Past Tense (1980)
2/1/1980 - 3/30/1980 Major Barbara (1980)
5/25/1979 - 1/27/1980 Loose Ends (1979)
2/24/1979 - 5/20/1979 Spokesong (1979)
11/25/1978 - 2/18/1979 Man and Superman (1978)
9/1/1978 - 11/19/1978 The Inspector General (1978)
5/26/1978 - 8/27/1978 Once in a Lifetime (1978)
2/24/1978 - 5/21/1978 13 Rue de l'Amour (1978)
11/25/1977 - 2/19/1978 Saint Joan (1977)
9/2/1977 - 11/20/1977 Tartuffe (1977)
5/27/1977 - 8/28/1977 The Importance of Being Earnest (1977)
2/25/1977 - 5/22/1977 Romeo and Juliet (1977)
11/26/1976 - 2/20/1977 The Night of the Iguana (1976)
9/3/1976 - 11/21/1976 Days in the Trees (1976)
6/15/1976 - 6/15/1976 Becoming (1976)
5/28/1976 - 8/29/1976 Pal Joey (1976)
3/7/1976 - 3/14/1976 Geraldine Fitzgerald in Songs of the Street (1976)
2/27/1976 - 5/23/1976 The Lady from the Sea (1976)
11/28/1975 - 2/22/1976 The Glass Menagerie (1975)
9/2/1975 - 11/23/1975 Ah, Wilderness! (1975)
5/30/1975 - 8/24/1975 Death of a Salesman (1975)
2/28/1975 - 5/4/1975 All God's Chillun Got Wings (1975)
11/29/1974 - 2/23/1975 Where's Charley? (1974)
9/20/1974 - 11/23/1974 The National Health (1974)
5/14/1974 - 8/31/1974 Scapino (1974)
3/1/1974 - 5/5/1974 An American Millionaire (1974)
11/30/1973 - 2/16/1974 The Iceman Cometh (1973)
9/4/1973 - 11/25/1973 The Waltz of the Toreadors (1973)
5/21/1973 - 7/28/1973 Uncle Vanya (1973)
3/21/1973 - 5/13/1973 Here Are Ladies (1973)
1/4/1973 - 3/18/1973 Medea (1973)
11/2/1972 - 12/31/1972 Mourning Becomes Electra (1972)

Nearest Venues

Name: St. Malachy's – The Actors' Chapel
St. MalachyCategory: Attraction
Address: 239 W 49th St
Description: St. Malachy's - The Actors' Chapel, located in the heart of New York City, is a unique and historic landmark that attracts visitors from all over the world. Built in 1902, the chapel was originally part of the Roman Catholic Church and served as a place of worship for the Irish community in the area. However, it became known as the "Actors' Chapel" in the mid-1920s due to its close proximity to the Theater District and the large number of actors who attended services there. Today, St. Malachy's continues to be a popular destination for tourists, especially those with an interest in theater and the arts. The chapel's interior features beautiful stained glass windows, intricate woodwork, and a cozy atmosphere that provides a peaceful respite from the bustling city outside. Visitors can also view the numerous memorials and plaques dedicated to famous actors and performers who have attended services at the chapel over the years. In addition to its historical significance and artistic appeal, St. Malachy's - The Actors' Chapel also hosts a variety of cultural events throughout the year, including concerts, art exhibits, and theatrical performances. Whether you're a theater enthusiast or simply looking for a quiet and inspiring space to reflect, St. Malachy's is a must-visit destination for any tourist in New York City.

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Name: Father Duffy Square
Father Duffy SquareCategory: Outdoor
Address: 7th Ave &, W 46th St
Description: Father Duffy Square is a popular tourist destination in New York City, located at the intersection of Broadway, Seventh Avenue, and 47th Street in Times Square. It is named after Francis P. Duffy, a prominent military chaplain who served in World War I and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his bravery. Tourists are drawn to Father Duffy Square for several reasons. Firstly, it is located in the heart of Times Square, one of the most iconic and bustling areas of New York City. Visitors can take in the bright lights, billboards, and crowds that make Times Square famous. Additionally, Father Duffy Square is home to several landmarks, including the TKTS booth, where tourists can purchase discounted Broadway show tickets, and the statue of Father Duffy himself, which honors his contributions to the military and the city of New York. Overall, Father Duffy Square is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in experiencing the energy and excitement of New York City, particularly in the heart of Times Square.

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Name: Times Square
Times SquareCategory: Attraction
Address: Between 42nd & 47th St
Description: Times Square is one of the most iconic and bustling destinations in New York City, attracting tourists from all over the world. The area is known for its neon lights, towering billboards, and lively atmosphere, which make it a hub of entertainment, shopping, and dining. Tourists flock to Times Square to experience the excitement of the city that never sleeps. The area is home to a variety of Broadway theaters, which host some of the most popular and critically acclaimed musicals and plays in the world. Visitors can also catch a movie at one of the many cinemas, or shop for souvenirs at the numerous stores. In addition, Times Square is a popular spot for celebrating special occasions, such as New Year's Eve, when thousands of people gather to watch the famous ball drop. Tourists can also enjoy delicious food from a wide range of restaurants and food stands, or simply take in the vibrant atmosphere and people-watching opportunities.

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Name: TKTS
TKTSCategory: Attraction
Address: 47th St & Broadway
Description: TKTS is a famous tourist destination in New York City, located in the heart of Times Square. Tourists flock to TKTS to get discounted tickets for Broadway and off-Broadway shows, musicals, and other performances. With its iconic red steps, TKTS is a must-visit attraction for theater enthusiasts and anyone looking to experience the excitement of New York City's performing arts scene. Visitors to TKTS can expect to find a wide selection of show tickets at up to 50% off the regular price. The TKTS booth also offers same-day tickets for matinee and evening performances, making it an ideal choice for last-minute planners. Additionally, TKTS provides a unique opportunity to explore and discover new theatrical productions, from classic Broadway hits to innovative off-Broadway performances. Beyond ticket sales, TKTS offers a vibrant atmosphere with street performers, musicians, and vendors selling souvenirs and snacks. Visitors can enjoy the bustling energy of Times Square while waiting in line or relaxing on the red steps. Overall, TKTS is an exciting destination that offers tourists the chance to immerse themselves in the heart of New York City's theatrical culture.

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Name: Shubert Alley
Shubert AlleyCategory: Attraction
Address: W 45th St
Description: Shubert Alley is a popular destination for tourists who are interested in theater and Broadway history. Located in the heart of the Theater District in New York City, Shubert Alley is a pedestrian-only walkway that runs between West 44th and West 45th Streets, connecting Seventh and Eighth Avenues. The alley is lined with theaters, including the Shubert Theatre, which is one of the oldest and most famous theaters on Broadway. Tourists can take a stroll through the alley and admire the theater district's iconic architecture, posters, and marquees. Shubert Alley is also home to a variety of souvenir shops, including the famous Theater Circle Store, which sells Broadway-themed merchandise, including T-shirts, posters, and show memorabilia. The alley is also known for its outdoor exhibits, such as Tony Award-winning costumes and props from popular Broadway shows. Overall, Shubert Alley is a must-visit destination for any theater lover or tourist interested in experiencing the magic and history of Broadway.

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Nearest Restaurants

Le BernardinName: Le Bernardin
Address: 155 W 51st St
Description: A block away from the Walter Kerr Theatre, La Bernardin has the New York Times' highest, 4 star rating as well as a 3 star rating from Michellin Guide. Established over 20 years ago, La Bernardin offers elegant and formal dining in its beautiful interior dining room. Its seafood cuisine is infused with rich, French flavors.

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Rosie OName: Rosie O'Grady's Restaurant
Address: 800 Seventh Ave
Description: Just East of Times Square, Rosie O'Grady's Restaurant has been family owned and operated for over 30 years. The menu consists of a wide variety of cuisine from prime steaks to light, crispy salads. Pre-fix lunch and dinner menus are also offered.

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EllenName: Ellen's Stardust Diner
Address: 1650 Broadway
Description: Ellen's Stardust Diner is a retro 1950s theme restaurant located on the corner of 51st Street in the Theatre District. The diner is known for it's singing waitstaff, making it a popular tourist attraction.

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GallagherName: Gallagher's Steak House
Address: 228 W 52nd St
Description: Located just steps from the Theatre District and Times Square, Gallaghers Steakhouse sits in the heart of New York City. Gallaghers has been serving up trademark classic cocktails and USDA prime dry-aged beef fired of hickory coals for over 90 years.

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The Capital GrilleName: The Capital Grille
Address: 120 W 51st
Description: With its beautiful awning and elegant interior, The Capital Grille is a great option for both American cuisine and seafood. Just a block from Radio City Music Hall, The Capital Grille's menu carries everything from Filet Minon to freshly seasoned Maine Lobster Salad. A perfect spot to enjoy lunch or dinner in style.

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Circle in the Square on Broadway Frequently Asked Questions

What show is next for Circle in the Square (Broadway)?
Circle in the Square (Broadway)'s next show is An Enemy of the People which begins performances on 2/27/2024.

What when was Circle in the Square (Broadway) built?
Circle in the Square (Broadway) was built in 1972.

How many seats does Circle in the Square (Broadway) have?
Circle in the Square (Broadway) has 840 seats.

What are the box office hours for Circle in the Square (Broadway)?
Monday: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM Tuesday–Saturday: 10:00 AM-8:00 PM Sunday: 12:00 PM-6:00 PM.

What accessibility options are there at Circle in the Square (Broadway)?

Accessible seating is available for this performance as indicated on the seating map.

The theatre is wheelchair-accessible. Not all sections of the theatre are wheelchair-accessible.

Orchestra: Seating is accessible at the Orchestra level.

Please note, once on the Orchestra level there are approximately two steps down per row. Entrance to the Orchestra is behind row K.

An accessible restroom is available. See a theatre usher for assistance.

Circle in the Square Theatre will provide audio description devices for every performance at the theatre beginning May 6, 2019. The theatre also will also offer handheld devices that provide captioning for Deaf or hard-of-hearing patrons beginning May 6, 2019. There will be a representative at the Audience Services desk at every performance to assist any patron with the audio description services or captioning devices.

Reservations for assisted-listening devices are not necessary, but please arrive early. A driver’s license or ID with a printed address is required.

Loop technology is also available at this theatre.


What were the longest running shows at Circle in the Square (Broadway)?
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee which ran from 5/2/2005 to 1/20/2008, Fun Home which ran from 4/19/2015 to 9/10/2016, The Rocky Horror Show which ran from 11/15/2000 to 1/6/2002, Once On This Island which ran from 12/3/2017 to 1/6/2019 and Metamorphoses which ran from 3/4/2002 to 2/16/2003,

What show is currently in Circle in the Square (Broadway)?
Circle in the Square (Broadway)'s current show is An Enemy of the People which began performances on 2/27/2024.