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Interview: Nicola Date speaks about BREAKING THE CLOSET at The Two Eves

The third edition of this exciting comedy concept

Interview: Nicola Date speaks about BREAKING THE CLOSET at The Two Eves BREAKING THE CLOSET is in its third edition. Co-founder of this exciting initiative, Nicola Date, sat down to discuss what the shows are all about and what they mean to her personally.

BWW: Let's start off with - where did the idea for BREAKING THE CLOSET come from?

Nicola: Eugene Mathews and I tend to dream about production ideas. It was an afternoon on the porch when BREAKING THE CLOSET was born. We both knew it could be something special, and it hasn't disappointed.

BWW: How were the previous editions of BREAKING THE CLOSET received by audiences?

Nicola: The audiences have loved the show, and it's always been such a memorable and safe space. We're so glad to have created such a positive community event. We are proud to have been on the Cape Town Pride lineup for our last edition.

BWW: What can the audience expect this time around? Are new people talking, or are there people who have spoken before?

Nicola: First, we have our regular cast. Either Eugene or I host, but this time, I'm hosting. By Eugene, of course, I'm referring to co-founder and comic extraordinaire Eugene Mathews.

Next is the gorgeous Saya Pierce-Jones, journalist, feminist, Queer activist, and recent dog mom (Mazeltov!). We're thrilled to have her voice as a fixed feature of BREAKING THE CLOSET. She always brings an exciting new story.

Our 4 guests this time around are fabulous comic Candace Neilson, queer legend George Rose, the most delightful student, Nicolas Henshilwood, and the sensational Lemonade Panda.

BWW: Have you given your stories before at a previous edition? Or are you speaking this time?

Nicola: I have told my story. I tell different stories each time, whether hosting or not, as we all have 1000 coming out stories.

BWW: Finally, what does BREAKING THE CLOSET mean to you personally, and what do you hope to achieve through these personal stories?

Nicola: BREAKING THE CLOSET is a chance for people to share and learn about other queer experiences. It's a space that doesn't mind where you are on the gender or queer spectrum. It's a safe environment for all. We never had those safe spaces as kids.

Photo credit: Shaun Shannon

BREAKING THE CLOSET will see it's third edition happening at The Two Eves coffee shop on Friday 3 June. Tickets cost just R60 and can be bought at

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