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Hairspray - Broadway Creative Team

Production Staff

Thomas Meehan Bookwriter
Mark O'Donnell Bookwriter
Marc Shaiman Lyricist
John Waters Source Material
(Based on film)
Scott Wittman Lyricist
Joe Abraham Dance Captain
Ashley Parker Angel Guitar
Steven Baruch Producer
J. Philip Bassett Stage Manager
Emily Beck Assistant Scenic Designer
Steven Beckler Production Stage Manager
Production Supervisor
Robert Bissinger Assistant Scenic Designer
Melissa-Anne Blizzard Assistant
(To William Ivey-Long)
Marc Borsak Company Manager
Martha Bromelmeier Associate Costume Designer
Jason Brouillard Assistant Stage Manager
Kerry Butler Harmonica
Peter Calo Guitar
Francisco Centeno Electric Bass
New Line Cinema Producer
Keith Cotton Keyboard
Associate Conductor
Tom D'Ambrosio Press Representative
Michael Dereskewicz Assistant
(To David Rockwell)
Brooke Leigh Engen Dance Captain
Clear Channel Entertainment Producer
(In Association With)
Adam Epstein Producer
Seth Farber Keyboard
Assistant Conductor
Carrie Friedman Press Representative
Thomas J. Gates Assistant Stage Manager
Tracy Geltman Assistant Company Manager
Allan S. Gordon Producer
(In Association With)
Greg Graham Dance Captain
Laura Green General Manager
Lois L. Griffing Production Stage Manager
The New Group Associate Producer
Aspen Group Producer
Dede Harris Producer
(In Association With)
Linda Hart Keyboards
Alyssa Hart Press Representative
Lon Hoyt Keyboard
Musical Director
Paul Huntley Hair And Wig Designer
Serino Coyne, Inc. Advertising
Richard Jaris Associate Scenic Designer
Birch Johnson Trombone
Steve C. Kennedy Sound Designer
Michelle Kittrell Dance Captain
Paul Kolnik Production Photographer
Richard Kornberg Press Representative
Sammy Ledbetter Company Manager
Ted LeFevre Assistant Scenic Designer
Matt Lenz Assistant Director
Associate Director
Margo Lion Producer
Frank Lombardi Production Stage Manager
William Ivey Long Costume Designer
Michele Lynch Associate Choreographer
David Mann Reeds
Rhoda Mayerson Associate Producer
Élan V. McAllister Producer
(In Association With)
Kevin Meaney Glockenspiel
Randy Houston Mercer Make-Up Designer
Douglas L. Meyer Producer
John Miller Musical Coordinator
Paul Miller Assistant Lighting Designer
Bob Millikan Trumpet
Bob Milliken Trumpet
Rick Miramontez Press Representative
Jerry Mitchell Choreographer
Matthew Morrison Guitar
Rusty Mowery Dance Captain
Jack O'Brien Director
Laura Oppenheimer Assistant Costume Designer
Bonnie Osher Producer
(In Association With)
John Osher Producer
(In Association With)
Michele Pawk Keyboards
Marisha Ploski Assistant Stage Manager
Stage Manager
Carol Pool Violin
Kenneth Posner Lighting Designer
Kardana-Swinsky Productions Producer
(In Association With)
Richard Frankel Productions General Manager
Barry Richards Associate
(To David Rockwell)
On The Road (i) Exclusive Tour Direction
Robbie Roby Dance Captain
David Rockwell Scenic Designer
Philip S. Rosenberg Associate Lighting Designer
Donald Sanders Assistant
(To William Ivey-Long)
Niki Scalera Harmonica
Joanie Schlafer Assistant
(To David Rockwell)
Tech Production Services, Inc. Technical Supervision
Marc Shaiman Music Arranger
Robert Shaw Violin
John Shivers Associate Sound Designer
Jason Snow Dance Captain
Amy Solomon Associate Hair And Wig Designer
Daniel C. Staton Associate Producer
Rick Steiner Producer
James D. Stern Producer
Don Summa Press Representative
Morton Swinsky Producer
(In Association With)
Lindsay Thomas Dance Captain
Tom Viertel Producer
Joel Vig Glockenspiel
Aliza Wassner Associate Company Manager
John Waters Consultant
Harold Wheeler Orchestrator