Theatre Information

Globe Theatre (London, )
Newcastle Street

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No, No, Nanette Production Information


September 16, 1925

Closing:June 19, 1926
# Performances:321
Theatres: Globe Theatre (London, )
9/16/1925 - 6/19/1926

Globe Theatre (New York, NY)
9/16/1925 - 6/19/1926

Production Type:Original Production
Production Status:
Run Type:Open Run


Other Productions of No, No, Nanette

1925   West End Original London Production
West End
1925   Broadway Original Broadway Production
1971   Broadway Broadway Revival
1973   West End London Production
West End
1997   Milburn, NJ (Regional) Paper Mill Production
Milburn, NJ (Regional)
2008   Off-Broadway Encores! Concert


Audio Recordings

1925  Original London Cast
1950  Film Soundtrack
1958 (i)  Studio Cast
1958 (ii)  Studio Cast
1961  Studio Cast
1968  Studio Cast
1969  Studio Cast
1971  Broadway Revival Cast
1973  London Revival Cast
2003  Excerpts (The Broadway Musicals of 1925)
unknown  Studio Cast

Show Information

SHOW TYPE: Musical


  • Tea for Two (film title)

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

a.k.a. Flappers Are We
The Call of the Sea
Too Many Rings Around Rosie
I'm Waiting for You
a.k.a. Waiting for You
I Want to Be Happy
No, No, Nanette
Finale Act 1
The Deep Blue Sea
a.k.a. Peach on the Beach
My Doctor
a.k.a. Oh, Doctor!
Fight Over Me
Tea for Two
You Can Dance with Any Girl at All
a.k.a. You Can Dance with Any Girl
a.k.a. Any Girl at All
Finale Act 2
Hello, Hello, Telephone Girlie
a.k.a. Telephone Girlie
Who's the Who
a.k.a. 'Where Has My Hubby Gone?' Blues
Pay Day Pauline
Finale Act 3


It's the Cook Who Saves the Day
A Perfect Gentleman

Cut during tryout period

The Chase of the Fox
The Boy Next Door
I Don't Want a Girlie
Santa Claus
Lilies of the Field

Cut prior to Broadway

I've Confessed to the Breeze

Added during the Broadway run

Take a Little One Step
a.k.a. Take a Little Onestep

Added to the 1950 film version

Oh Me, Oh My, Oh You
a.k.a. Oh Me, Oh My!
I Know That You Know
Do, Do, Do
a.k.a. Do Do Do
Crazy Rhythm
I Only Have Eyes for You

Written for the 1971 revival

Always You
Only a Moment Ago
For the Birds
a.k.a. Forthebirds