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U and I - 1891 - Broadway


Standard Theatre

(New York, NY)
102 W. 33rd St.
by Kelsey Denette - May 23, 2012
The Festival celebrates 60 years of excellence with a special symposium that will feature influential theatre artists and intellectuals in discussion about how Shakespeare's work lends itself to a broad range of media, interpretations and settings. The event will be held at the Studio Theatre on June 2.
by Jim Munson - Mar 8, 2021
When Lorraine Hansberry Theatre announced last September that Bay Area theatre luminary Margo Hall had been appointed as its first female Artistic Director, it felt like a promise of good things to come. Six months later, the venerable company is back up and running full steam ahead with its first staged production since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Erika Dickerson-Despenza’s [hieroglyph], available to stream on-demand March 13th through April 3rd. Hall directed this as a co-production with Lorraine Hansberry Theatre’s long-time collaborator San Francisco Playhouse, and would seem to be the perfect director to bring it to life. Dickerson-Despenza is a Tow Playwright-in-Residence at New York’s Public Theater who centers her writings on Black women’s land legacies and distinct experiences of environmental racism. Telling the raw, honest story of a 13-year-old girl struggling Post-Hurricane Katrina, wrestling with being displaced to a new city while secretly coping with the PTSD of an assault at the Superdome, [hieroglyph] is part of Dickerson-Despenza’s 10-play Katrina cycle focused on the effects of Hurricane Katrina and its state-sanctioned, man-made disaster rippling in & beyond New Orleans. Hall describes the play as “tragically beautiful.” Patrons may support the organization of their choice by purchasing tickets from Lorraine Hansberry Theatre at or from San Francisco Playhouse at BroadwayWorld spoke with Hall last week, just as she was preparing to meet her cast in person for the first time after weeks of Zoom rehearsals. Speaking to her, I got the distinct impression of someone who is exactly where she needs to be right now. This may be her first stint as an artistic director, but in so many ways she has been preparing for this role her entire life. Her decades of experience as an actor, director, playwright, professor and activist all coalesce to serve her in her new role. We talked about her hopes to expand Hansberry’s purview, the need to create culturally-specific theatre, and the exigencies of producing theatre and TV (she is also acting in the new “Blindspotting” series!) during Covid times. Throughout our conversation, I was struck by the sheer joy she exudes for making theatre and for finding herself in a place where she can create new opportunities for Black theatre artists.
by Some Like It Pop - Mar 25, 2016
In our first two List-O-Palooza episodes, we counted down our Top-10 Favorite Plays (listen here) and Top-10 Favorite Musicals (listen here). In this episode, which you can listen to below, we attempt to branch out of the theatrical with our Top-10 Favorite Oscar Best Picture Winners, but every time we think we're out, they pull us back in again. We apologize for any mispronunciations, we try to do the best we can, but talking is hard y'all.
by Some Like It Pop - Jun 1, 2016
Even though Matt and Jenn will continue to do new episodes of Some Like It Pop over their summer hiatus, this is their technical 'Season Finale,' so, in staying on theme, in this new episode of Some Like It Pop's List-O-Palooza, Matt and Jenn reveal their Top 10 Favorite TV Season Finales.
by Some Like It Pop - Jul 7, 2016
Even though Matt and Jenn are technically on a 'Some Like It Pop' hiatus over the summer, they just can't help getting together to make lists of things. So, in this new episode of Some Like It Pop's List-O-Palooza, Matt and Jenn reveal their Top 10 Favorite Tony Awards Performances.
by Julie Musbach - Jul 29, 2019
Toby Marlow, one of the writers of smash-hit West End musical SIX, proved to be The Greatest Showman yesterday when he stepped in to save two performances of the show threatened by cast illness.
by Pat Cerasaro - Jan 2, 2015
Today we are talking to an instantly recognizable stage stalwart who has lit up Broadway and beyond for more than three decades since her debut in William Finn's IN TROUSERS - the one and only Mary Testa. Discussing all aspects of her exemplary new album created in collaboration with acclaimed orchestrator Michael Starobin, HAVE FAITH, Testa imparts the impetus behind the concept album and outlines what motivated the wildly eclectic song choices included on the release - ranging from the Beach Boys, Prince and Aerosmith to Michael John LaChiusa, William Finn, Jill Sobule and many more. Furthermore, Testa eloquently describes the fascinating and compelling theme upon which the album is based - the journey of a soul through life; ostensibly a search for faith - and relates the sonic experience to her own spiritual pursuits. Additionally, Testa clues us in on what we can expect from her upcoming promotional concert appearances alongside Starobin in support of the album, as well, kicking off with a concert at Barnes & Noble next week along with a series of shows at the Laurie Beechman Theater. Reflecting on the various ways in which she has seen the theatre transform over the course of her career thus far, Testa also sheds some light on many of her most celebrated roles to date, including IN TROUSERS, THE RINK, XANADU, 42nd STREET, MARIE CHRISTINE, SEE WHAT I WANNA SEE, QUEEN OF THE MIST, GUYS & DOLLS, A NEW BRAIN, A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM, LUCKY STIFF, CHICAGO, WICKED and more. All of that, playing Barbara Bush in FIRST DAUGHTER SUITE and much, much more with one of Broadway's most reliably entertaining and endlessly inventive regulars.
by Matt Tamanini - Feb 24, 2017
Time is running out to get your 2017 Oscars Pool picks in, so we here at BroadwayWorld have put together a team of experts and stage and screen stars to help you in your prognostication. The stars lending their acting and filmmaking expertise are Broadway and CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND star Donna Lynne Champlin; UNDATEABLE and the West End's Dewey Finn in SCHOOL OF ROCK, David Fynn; Broadway and CHICAGO MED star Patti Murin; and one of the stars of the new Broadway musical Caesar Samayoa.
by Jim Munson - Feb 12, 2021
Mary Goggin has quite a story to tell in her play Runaway Princess, and perhaps the most astonishing thing is that it’s all true. She left home at 13 to escape her strict Irish Catholic upbringing, then spent years in drug addiction and prostitution before becoming sober and finding her true calling as an actor, and ultimately emerging back into the light of survival, motherhood and daily joy. Laced with an uncommon blend of brash humor and understated pathos, Runaway Princess received three awards at the United Solo Festival 2018 in New York City (Best Storyteller, Solo Critics Choice, Best Seller) as well as the Best Actor Award at the Galway Fringe 2019 and the Fringiest Award at the Baltimore Fringe 2019. On Wednesday, February 17th at 7:30pm PST, Goggin will appear on the Marshstream Solo Arts Heal series to present excerpts from the play and discuss how she overcame the pain, struggle and loss to discover her own resilience and pursue a blissful life. For further information, visit The episode will also be archived and available to watch later on The Marsh’s YouTube channel. BroadwayWorld spoke with Goggin from her home base in the Bronx. Ever the dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker, she is gutsy, warm and brutally honest. She also appears to have somehow survived her painful past without an ounce of self-pity, or the need to moralize or proselytize.
by Some Like It Pop - Apr 21, 2016
After having done two List-O-Palooza episodes around theatre themes and two on movies themes, this week Jenn and I finally got around to our sweet spot, and dove into a television theme. In our latest List-O-Palooza episode, we countdown our Top-10 Currently Running Television Dramas!