The Inner Journey


Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre

(New York, NY)
150 West 65th St. at Broadway
by BWW News Desk - May 21, 2015
Songs for the Sangha, the latest offering from Deva Premal & Miten with Manose, marks an exploration of fresh musical terrain for the beloved devotional musicians.
by Jeanmarie Simpson - May 20, 2014
During the course of the performance Rick and Enrique will wrestle with a balloon, consider the meaning of the universe and take their audience to many other places in the world of their imagination.
by BWW News Desk - Mar 1, 2016
Inspired to write letters to someone she had never met and wasn't even sure existed, Elizabeth Hess Stamper fell in love with a beloved stranger. Eventually meeting face-to-face, Stamper and this stranger explored love and passion, together.
by BWW News Desk - Jan 22, 2020
Spoken word, 'flow therapy' artist Devin James Stinson, writes to bring awareness through content that elevates consciousness, to help others to find healing; in order to grow and reach potential, and simply, live one's life with happiness, purpose and hope. Stinson's spoken word, flow therapy compilation entitled 'The Locks' is one that seeks to enlighten others to seek their own potential, and know that all can live a joyful, fulfilled life that all desire by removing internal mental barriers, or in other words 'the locks.' Stinson wrote and published the spoken word, poetry piece entitled, 'The Locks' during March of 2018
by BWW News Desk - Jan 15, 2014
The search for wisdom, truth and knowledge is a quest affecting all mankind. Author Hazel Sinanan wrote 'The God Within Speaks' to help individuals succeed in that search.
by BWW News Desk - Dec 9, 2013
From the earliest days of human thought, the theme of Duality has been widely debated among philosophers, scientists and spiritual seekers. The ambiguity of the concept still serves as inspiration for endless artistic musings about love and hate, life and death, happiness and sadness. The Brazilian progressive rock/metal band IMAGERY follows these endless seas of intellectual thought to trace their musical identity, personified by the debut album, 'The Inner Journey' released in the U.S. by powerhouse metal label Deadline Music.
by Carla Maria Verdino-S├╝llwold - Aug 20, 2018
In an enchantingly fresh take on Carlo Collodi's classic tale, Robin and Clark's musical version of Pinocchio explores the inner journey of the wooden puppet who must learn the meaning of truth, compassion, and courage in order to become 'a real live boy.' MSMT closes its Theatre for Young Audiences series with a colorful, amusing, and tender retelling of this touching story, directed and choreographed by Raymond Marc Dumont and entirely produced and performed by MSMT's Educational Fellows.