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How I Wonder - 1947 - Broadway


Hudson Theatre (Broadway)

(New York, NY)
141 W. 44th St.
by Buster Spiller - Jun 6, 2009
Vincent Rivers, presented by Theatre Britain in cooperation with Uptown Players, is now running through Jun. 21 at the KD Studio Theatre, is a story that has at its core a hate-based crime, the murder of a young British male named Vincent River. Where this story departs from the manner hate crimes are dealt with in the country, usually as news sound bites, Vincent River takes an organic journey into the mindset of the parent(s) and their quest to understand who their homosexual child was.
by Chris Gibson - Dec 8, 2014
As I sit here writing this review I have David Lanz and Kristin Amarie's latest release, FOREVER CHRISTMAS, playing in the background. Any regular reader of my music reviews knows that I have a genuine soft spot in my heart for David's elegant and brilliantly inventive work on piano. He's simply one of the finest musicians in the world, and this collaboration with the love of his life, Kristin, continues his string of unbelievably wonderful and joyous works. This time, the focus is on Christmas, and with a blend of original compositions and some classic holiday fare that have special meaning to each of them, they've managed to capture the spirit of the season with a sense of warmth and sensitivity that's often missing in most holiday collections.