TP's ANAK DATU Opens CCP's New Black Box Theatre

The play runs from September 16 to October 9, 2022.

By: Sep. 11, 2022

TP's ANAK DATU Opens CCP's New Black Box Theatre

Manila, Philippines--Tanghalang Pilipino's stage adaptation of National artist Abdulmari Imao's short story published in 1972, "Anak Datu," marks the public opening of the Cultural Center of the Philippines' newly launched black box theatre, the Tanghalang Ignacio Gimenez, which shall also serve as the CCP's temporary performance venue while the main building is being renovated in the next three years.

Multi-awarded playwright Rody Vera and former CCP Artistic Director Chris Millado team up for this landmark production.

"Anak Datu," a play with music by composer Chino Toledo, revisits the story of the Tausugs and the Philippine Muslims in parallel universes, which is a reimagining of Mr. Imao's original story.

The play explores its themes and conflicts through a Minadaoanan folk tale, unapologetic politics, and a post-pandemic family drama. At the core of it, "Anak Datu" follows the story of a village chieftain's son, played by Carlos Dala, who was born in captivity and raised believing his father was a former pirate.

"[Mr. Millado] would take this an opportunity to think out of the box, avoiding the safe and heading straight for more exciting and uncertain possibilities," Mr. Vera told Totel de Jesus of ABS-CBNNews.

"Even in script development, being a playwright himself [referring to Mr. Millado], he builds on what is given in the draft, and many times toward a direction that even I wouldn't think possible," Mr. Vera said.

Also part of the artistic team are Hassanain Magarang, choreographer; Toym Imao, set designer; John Carlo Pagunaling, costume designer; TJ Ramos, sound designer; Katsch Catoy, lighting designer, and GA Fallarme, projection designer.

Its cast includes Marco Viana, who plays Abdulmari Imao; Nading Josef, Jibin Arula; Antonette Go, Grace de Leon; Lhorvie Nuevo, Puti Loling; Tex Ordonez-de Leon, Puti Loling, and Mr. Magarang, Datu Karim.

TP Actors Company scholars Edrick Alcontado, Arjhay Babon, Mitzi Comia, Judie Dimayuga, Earle Figuracion, Vince Macapobre, Aggy Mago, Sarah Monay, Heart Puyong, and Mark Lorenz are performing, too.

The play runs from September 16 to October 9, 2022.

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Image: Paw Castillo