Interview: Learn All About Matthew Corozine Studio from Founder Matthew Corozine!

MCS is about to launch a new branch in Miami!

By: Feb. 16, 2021

Interview: Learn All About Matthew Corozine Studio from Founder Matthew Corozine!

2020 marks the 20th year of Matthew Corozine Studio training actors to "get outta your head." Based in the Meisner Technique, MCS teaches "the reality of doing and finding the truth within yourself." MCS is dedicated to uncovering and elevating the creative well-being of each actor, and commit, as a studio, to consistent and constant allyship, anti-racism, and education in support of Black Lives Matter (BLM), BIMPOC, and LGBTQIA creatives.

MCS cultivates a new and diverse generation of professional artists currently working in Broadway, television, film, and live theatre.

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Below, get a better idea of what MCS is all about from founder Matthew Corozine!

I heard that you adapted your entire studio to the Zoom platform? Tell me about that...

Well, as artists, as I teach, we have to adapt and work with what exists...ACCEPT life and the moment and work with it. I moved my entire acting studio 8 ongoing acting class I teach a week, private coaching plus my long time associate Ryan Toifl teaching his classes and I created a musical theatre class with MCS Cooper Grodin. It was a very busy 2020 and so much good came out of it.

I understand that you've been teaching various classes around the country, but are soon moving to Miami to open the new branch of MCS. What has that experience been like in preparing for that?

Yes, MCS will expand to Miami with summer. I am working with my partner April Maggen, long time student and friend who works in the Miami Design District and is highly connected in the arts there. She has mentored me and encouraged me to get the transformational work we do at MCS (rooted in the Meisner Technique) to Miami. The arts and artists from New York are flocking there so it is a dream of mind to have a home there and build my work there. Of course I will be back to MCS NYC every other week to teach master classes and the studio in New York will be continuing. In, 2018 I created MCS DC and was teaching master classes around the country at universities, SAG AFTRA, SOHO House so this is a natural progression.

What is MCS Miami going to look like?

I think I will start with some master classes at Soho House and The Standard and build from there. We will find a black box our home and I see two classes a week to start and it will be a source of creativity and transformation for the actors in the Miami area and all ARTISTS.The work I teach and coach really gets actors out of their own way and find their unique voice and how to express it in the world. I love teaching all artist types, yes it's an acting class and acting technique, but I designed it to reach and transform all creative humans (and everyone has an artist and creativity in them) from designers to directors to writers to models to house wives that have something to say in this world.

What does it mean for the studio to be opening a new branch?

We grow or we die. Practicing what I teach-live in possibilities, create a life you love-use technique to get to your truth and build a team, a community don't do it alone. Feels so good to give and help others ..gotta share the stuff that saved and changed my life.

Interview: Learn All About Matthew Corozine Studio from Founder Matthew Corozine!

What do you think sets this acting studio apart from others?

Yes, we teach technique. We also teach you to find your voice (what things mean to you-your MEANING) and what you have to say as an artist and how you are showing up and WHO YOU ARE BEING in the world. we coach you to play the "character of you" I believe we all have built a story, a character of ourselves that helps us look good, avoid conflict and get what we think "we want" yet we are stuck, unhappy etc...

The world says fix yourself, self improve, don't let them see you sweat, be better...

MCS says let's take your pain, your anxiety, your depression... so much talent under that- let's get that in your work. Lets integrate all of you and what you have to say in this world into playing and creating character.. I think humans, learned to "split or divide" at a young age to fit in or be loved thus building a false story and self. We are big on going into your vulnerability and showing all sides of the human which is amazing... we all have good and bad in us-writers write about bad characters doing great things and good people doing horrible things. We have created tons of personal monologues that serve as a catalyst to do all of the above that I have said... it is great to get actors writing from their life the solo shows, books, careers that have been launched from truth telling in personal monologue exercises at MCS is extraordinary. Hey our past is a story, it is now imaginary circumstances and us as artists get to use that however we want-spin it into gold.

What role does the Meisner technique play in the way you teach?

It's everything. I teach muscle building work like going to the gym or training to be an athlete. I have to deal with my voice, critic, fear and I do what I teach throughout class -Get your attention off yourself, take what you are getting, work off your partner, listen and do what is true. Of course as a teacher, I have to have more control and am responsible for everything that happens in class-I also get to be creative, trust my self and create some spontaneous exercises or improvs on the spot that feed that actor where they are at or what they need. The work I teach is also the work I did to Build MCS- CHOOSING to go for your dreams against the voice in your head.

What has the transition from in person classes to zoom classes been like?

Zoom classes are a bit smaller and shorter in length thus MCS Lite. However the work and the power and the feeling of class is there. Which is magical --people are yelling and crying at their screens just like class...instead of physically touching we reach out a hand from the screen during the famous meisner technique repetition exercise...its incredible. Scene work looks like indie films and for a class based in truth and reacting in the moment..the camera never lies as we know so we see IT ALL.

Interview: Learn All About Matthew Corozine Studio from Founder Matthew Corozine! What can students expect from MCS both now and a year from now?

a family, a company of artists. We can't do this art or life alone. I like what John Patrick Stanley says " a safe place to do the UNSAFE things that need to be done"- creating a source of tools and the techniques that gets you to your unique voice, outta your head and in the moment. Using your life to create-uncovering what is there to find out who you are and what you want is so powerful. So many of us are living the dreams of our parents, or against them, or our agent, or our age or... not our own lives. MCS is a portal for you to walk thru to realize and be in action of yourself and your future. I always teach actors from the future they can't see yet. Getting actors out of their pasts into the present to create a new future. If you do the same things, you get the same results. WE need coaches to go into the us we forgot, or can't see... there was a time we were free... then life happened... or as I say we hit 7th grade and we fell apart and built false selves to survive.

What are your goals for MCS in the future? Where do you see the studio going?

I see me teaching master classes around the world. I long to teach and travel in Europe and bring this work to other countries. Zoom classes still available- as we open MCS Miami, re -open when it is safe more in person classes MCS-NYC and MCS DC

And we hear you are writing a book! What/when can people expect?

I have wanted to write a book for years of my 20 plus years creating MCS and teaching the Meisner work. This is the dream I have for my life right now, expanding and getting my book out into the world which should be available this summer Working Title: GET OUTTA YOUR HEAD-if you survived 7th Grade you can be an Actor. A book on how I learned, developed and teach the Meisner work. Hopefully will become a GET OUTTA YOUR HEAD series for all artists. That would be really cool. To be continued...

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