Review: MOULIN ROUGE! THE MUSICAL at Crown Theatre

Spectacular sure to dazzle audiences

By: Feb. 27, 2023
Review: MOULIN ROUGE! THE MUSICAL at Crown Theatre

MOULIN ROUGE! THE MUSICAL has burst into Perth with flair, colour and energy. Based on (but diverging at times from) Baz Luhrmann's ground breaking 2001 film, it is bursting at the sequinned seams with love, light, and music. So put on your finest clothes, hit shuffle on a playlist of guilty pleasures, and prepare your senses for an absolute feast. MOULIN ROUGE! THE MUSICAL is unlike anything you've seen, heard, or felt before.

The very first thing to hit you is the stunning staging, designed by Broadway legend Derek McLane and adapted in Australia by Isabel Hudson. Together with the multiple award winning lighting (designed by Justin Townsend, brought to life in Australia by Gavan Swift), the feast for the senses begins as soon as you enter the theatre. Most had to pause a moment to take the time to take it all in, as the beginning set of the club itself is simply dazzling. From there, the set brilliantly transforms into the several scenes of the show in transitions that are something to behold in themselves, with each scene seamlessly melting into the next. As if you haven't treated yourself enough, the show bursts into life with music and dancing.

Leading this insanely talented cast is Alinta Chidzey as Satine. Chidzey effortlessly fits into the role of leading lady with superb singing and stage presence. She takes the audience on a journey with her character's deteriorating health whilst providing a sharp and sexy performance. Opposite her is Des Flanagan in a charming and loveable performance as Christian. Talent, idealism and love are qualities of the character that Flanagan well and truly brings to life. In a show stealing role as Harold Zidler is icon of stage and screen Simon Burke. Burke brings all the flair and over the top-ness that you'd expect from the MC at such a club, with showmanship that seems to come easy. All Burke's skills and experience as an entertainer come to the fore, and his high kicks are something to look out for.

Review: MOULIN ROUGE! THE MUSICAL at Crown Theatre

WAAPA graduate James Bryers makes a superb Duke. It's one thing to create a likeable character, but another entirely to make an unlikeable character. Bryer's does a wonderful job to quickly frame his character, and he dominates the stage whenever he's there with outstanding timing and poise. Doing the opposite, we have Toulouse-Lautrec (Jarrod Draper) and Santiago (Ryan Gonzales) who quickly endear themselves to the audience with warm and humorous performances. Draper makes an excellent brains-behind-the-operation, whilst Gonzales' duet that evolves into a whole cast dance piece to Bad Romance is a show highlight, and brings the audience immediately in to the second act.

The entire show is wonderfully held together by a brilliant ensemble of talented actors, singers and dancers. The work they do to bring to life some of your favourite songs, as well as the brilliant dance numbers (Tony Award winning choreography by Sonya Tayeh, Australian choreography by Danielle Bilios and Travis Khan) is simply stunning, and provides so much of the spectacle that is MOULIN ROUGE! THE MUSICAL.

Review: MOULIN ROUGE! THE MUSICAL at Crown Theatre

Throughout the show, popular and recognisable songs spring up in perfect moments, whether they're as whispered love letters between two, or spectacular whole company song and dance numbers. The familiarity of the music adds another dimension, ensuring the feeling of each moment in the show is perfectly translated. The songs have even been updated in the two decades since the movie, ensuring a strong contemporary feel, whilst also broadening the appeal of the show.

It feels wrong to need to skimp over so many of the wonderful creatives that put MOULIN ROUGE! THE MUSICAL together. A part of the charm of the show is in its size; it is, by all measure, a big show, and the incredible work of such a role of creatives is a part of what brings it together. MOULIN ROUGE! THE MUSICAL is big. It's hearty. It's sites and sounds to behold. It's spectacular. It's entertaining. It's unmissable.

MOULIN ROUGE! THE MUSICAL dazzles Crown Theatre until April 21. Tickets and more information from MOULIN ROUGE! THE MUSICAL Australia.

Photos thanks to Michelle Grace Hunder. Video from Moulin Rouge! The Musical Australia/YouTube.

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