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Review: TAMARIE'S TEXAS TOAST is Delicious at Catastrophic Theatre

This company is just really strong at putting on funny-as-hell musical sketch comedies. It’s as if SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE were written by Kander and Ebb.

Houston has several summer traditions that make this time of year even more fun, such as a homegrown musical and one of Agatha Christie’s chilliest thrillers. So let’s rundown some of the highlights coming up as the dog days of summer descend on all of us here in H-Town. Here is your Summer Theater Guide from BROADWAY WORLD!

What drew me to the show was what drew me to the work that Catastrophic Theatre does in general. They do work that nobody else does. Work that's largely unexplored in our region, or in our country, or whatever. I'm drawn to that kind of stuff, and Sarah Kane has a unique view of love and human relationships. And I share some of those ideas.
Review: IT IS MAGIC at Catastrophic Theatre

IT IS MAGIC is far from false advertising because this play, this cast, and this team make some pretty strong magic from Mickle Maher’s latest play. Just sit back, relax, and let it all wash over you is my advice. It’s funny, it’s quirky, and it is unlike anything else you are likely to see anytime soon. CATASTROPHIC THEATRE has always promised to destroy us, and they seem to be inching closer and closer… and closer. This is the next step in their nefarious plan.
Interview: TAMARIE COOPER of IT IS MAGIC at Catastrophic Theatre

If you have ever gone out for a job interview, gone on a first date, or just put yourself out there for something you really wanted. Then you can relate to this play, and you can specifically relate to the power of “No,” which is certainly one of the themes in the play. Mickle's work is always very funny.

You are never going to see a more definitive version of this show in Houston, and CATASTROPHIC is the company to bring it to you.
Review: TAMARIE'S TOTALLY TRUE REVUE (PLUS LIES TOO!) at The Catastrophic Theatre

You see this year is all about truth and honesty, and examining what that means to Tamarie and her squad. Onstage there is a lie detector, and throughout the evening truths are revealed as are lies. And somehow highlights include dancing poop, Aristotle, an 80s PSA star, Tinkerbell, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the world’s oldest cactus, and an army of drag queens to name but a few.

It's officially summer which means it's Tamarie Time! The Tamarie Cooper Show has, for years, been a cult hit and can't-miss Houston summer tradition.
The Catastrophic Theatre to Present Regional Premiere of CLEANSED By Sarah Kane

In a former university, society's “undesirables” are subjected to a series of tortures designed to test the limits of human love on the battlefield of the human body. Explosively aching, hauntingly poetic, and disarmingly tender, CLEANSED is a fever-dream fable of unimaginable brutality and miraculous beauty. CLEANSED is about how love survives the most extreme circumstances. Violence is merely the obstacle. The story is one of righteous need and unrelenting hope. 
Review: The Very Trippy EDDIE GOES TO POETRY CITY At Catastrophic Theatre

You won’t find a more technically stunning or well acted show in Houston right now. There is a lot to recommend EDDIE GOES TO POETRY CITY, but with one caveat. It will seem presentational and all stylistic performance rather than anything linear or narrative. If you love abstract or absurd theater you will be in heaven during your visit to Poetry City.
The Catastrophic Theatre Presents EDDIE GOES TO POETRY CITY By Richard Foreman

Eddie dreams of escape—from the office where he suffers at the hands of his co-workers, from a doctor whose treatments seem far worse than any medical complaint, perhaps from even the play itself! 
Review: THEY DO NOT MOVE Enthralls Audiences at The Catastrophic Theatre

The Catastrophic Theatre is now presenting the world premiere of THEY DO NOT MOVE by Brian Jucha with the Catastrophic ensemble. There is joy to be found in this show because it brings its audience in, has them constantly take stock of new situations, causes them to reflect on the state of the world today, and strikes to inspire positive change.
The Catastrophic Theatre Presents THEY DO NOT MOVE By Brian Jucha With The Catastrophic Ensemble

The Catastrophic Theatre has announced the second production of our  2022-23 season, celebrating 30 years of making avant-garde theatre in Houston. 
The Catastrophic Theatre Announces 2022-23 Season Celebrating 30 Years of Avant-Garde Theatre

The Catastrophic Theatre has announced its 2022-23 season, highlighting the work that has made it, along with its forerunner Infernal Bridegroom Productions (IBP), Houston's premier avant-garde theatre for three dang decades.

Tamarie is a whirling dervish, a force of nature, and a comedic genius of a performer. She rises to the challenge of playing herself admirably, and it's the kind of role she was born to play. I doubt any other actor or actress in Houston could portray her quite as convincingly.
Tamarie Cooper's LIVE IN-PERSON Sticky Sweet Summer Show! Comes to Midtown Arts & Theatre Center Houston

Tamarie and her gang of merry misfits are returning to the stage—an actual stage—for a hilarious, irreverent, all-new musical extravaganza featuring an original score played by a live band and performances from some of Houston's funniest, wildest, quirkiest, sometimes raunchiest actors.
The World Premiere of Afsaneh Aayani's INNOMINATE Runs May 27 through June 19 at MATCH

Innominate is an experimental, devised, dance-theater performance created, directed, and designed by acclaimed local multidisciplinary artist Afsaneh Aayani. Dually inspired by Pablo Picasso's painting Guernica and Iran's Green Revolution, Innominate combines puppetry, live original music, mixed media, and movement to create a surreal journey through Aayani's personal experience as an immigrant from war-torn Iran. 
The Catastrophic Theatre Presents THE BOOK OF GRACE

The Catastrophic Theatre will produce The Book of Grace by trailblazing playwright Suzan-Lori Parks. The Book of Grace is directed by Luis Galindo and Jeff Miller and runs April 1 – April 24 at the Midtown Arts and Theatre Center Houston.
The Catastrophic Theatre Postpones Brian Jucha's THEY DO NOT MOVE 

Catastrophic Theatre has announced the postponement of its upcoming production of Brian Jucha's They Do Not Move.
The Catastrophic Theatre Announces Its 2021-22 Season

The Catastrophic Theatre has announced another season of  championing avant-garde plays and playwrights rarely produced in Houston.

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