BWW Review: URINETOWN at Annie Russel Theatre At Rollins College

BWW Review: URINETOWN at Annie Russel Theatre At Rollins CollegeUrinetown, the witty, clever, satirical Broadway comedy musical opened at the regal and historic Annie Russell Theatre at Rollins College on April 21, 2017. With immersive moments of audience interaction and frequent breaks of the fourth wall, the words "camp" and "cheese" don't even begin to describe the overwhelmingly in-your-face comedic moments that occur throughout the show. The musical KNOWS it's a musical, and makes fun of that. If you're like me, you may find yourself feeling slightly confused as you listen to songs with titles like "It's a Privilege to Pee," but the shock factor of this show isn't the content, but rather the strange familiarity of this outrageous, "fictional," world.

The lights come up on Officer Lockstock and Little Sally (played with expert comedic timing by Nick D'Alessandro and Lena Barker, respectively) who both reveal that a twenty-year drought has caused a horrendous water shortage, leaving private toilets a now, you guessed it, "privilege" to only those who can afford to pay for the usage. Our protagonist, Bobby Strong is on a mission to spark a revolution to regain what should be the public's personal right. Poking fun at bureaucracy, corporate greed, and even Broadway musicals, this show will have you chuckling with glee and then questioning when and how you became so emotionally invested in these hyperbolic characters.

Along with the aforementioned D'Alessandro and Barker, Casey Casteel shines as the corrupt CEO Caldwell B. Cladwell. His poise and shimmering voice earn him a place in the sweet spot on the meter of intimidation and intrigue. Despite a couple sound issues and slightly-muddy choreography that could have used some fine tuning, the company's commitment to the characters, the story, and the world of the show makes this piece a lovely college musical to watch.

Production photo by Tony Firriolo.

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