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WHITE RABBIT TALES, ENTERTAINING MR. SLOANE and More Coming Up This Spring at the wild project


The wild project has just announced its current and upcoming spring lineup. Scroll down for details!


Now - April 30
Schedule: Varies (See individual shows for details.)
Tickets: $5 - $30

It has been a decade since Spotlight On had its last solo festival but like the proverbial phoenix, Spotlight On announces the RISE OF THE PHOENIX Festival. For this new Rise of the Phoenix Festival, Spotlight On called on artists who worked with them during their early years in the 1990s through to the present. This festival contains participants not only from many Spotlight On Festivals but also from their collaborations with Sage Theatre Company in 1996, Planet Connections Festivity in 2009, and their Fresh Fruit Festival collaboration in 2012.

Now - April 22
Manhattan Medium & Ava Turns 50
Two Comedies by Michael F. Bruck, directed by Michael F. Bruck and Lawrence Frank
Schedule: Tuesday at 6:30pm, Wednesday at 7pm, Friday at 9pm, Saturday at 4pm
Tickets: $18

Two new comedies by Off-Off Broadway award winning playwright, Michael F. Bruck. In "Manhattan Medium," skeptical young man sees the Manhattan Medium and gets more than he originally bargained for. In "Ava Turns 50," turning 50 ain't easy for Ava or her husband.

Now - April 23
Bad Boys: Johnny & Paula and Twister, Two One Acts by A.J. Ciccotelli
Tuesday at 8pm; Wednesday at 9pm; Saturday at 2:30pm; Sunday at 2pm
Tickets: $18

Twister is a dark and edgy drama about a bar owner who is visited by a young woman who has known him in College, he is forced to confront his actions from his past while a huge twister bellows outside the window.

Johnny & Paula in a Tree asks if a person can really change. In this romantic comedy, NYC style, Johnny has to put his 'bad boy ways' aside for Paula, the woman he loves, but will he be able to?

April 20 - April 30
Lone Star, by James McLure
Produced by Nine Theatricals and Genesis Rep
Schedule: Thursday at 7pm; Friday at 5:30pm; Saturday at 1pm; Sunday at 4pm; Monday at 7pm (No performance on Sat 4/29; the final performance on Sunday 4/30 is at 1pm)
Tickets: $18

James McLure's comedies about men coming back from war [Lone Star, Pvt. Wars] resonated a particular way in the late 70s when they premiered. Today a piece like Lone Star, about a macho-man trying to regain his life after serving in the military, opens new discussion in the shadow of PTSD and the male image in the 21st Century. The interchange between brothers, Ray and Roy, elicit peals of laughter...and deep thoughts.

April 20 - April 26
States of Our Union by Ed Valentine & Rob Reese
Thursday at 8:30pm; Friday at 7pm; Monday at 5pm; Wednesday at 9pm
Tickets: $18

This evening of short plays explores the current state of our post-2016-election nation with vibrant words, stunning visuals...and occasional crocodile faces. NYC premieres by author/director Rob Reese and writer Ed Valentine (three-time Daytime Emmy winner, "Sesame Street").

April 22
A Sit Down with Spirit, with Rita Gigante
Schedule: Saturday at 6pm
Tickets: $30

Using the backdrop of her book, The Godfather's Daughter an Unlikely Story of Love, Healing and Redemption, Rita Gigante uses her psychic and mediumship abilities to bring messages from Spirit and her mom and dad using comedy as the vehicle.

April 22 - April 25
American Stories/Forgotten Voices, works by Paula Caplan, Cynthia Granville and Matthew Widman
Schedule: Saturday at 8pm; Sunday & Tuesday at 5:30pm
Tickets: $18 (Veterans: $10 with ID)

An evening of theater and film that shares the voices of those who often are invisible and unheard but whose stories cry out to be told. STOP AND FRISK - Matthew Widman's play that viscerally portrays the often explosive human consequences of one of our nation's most contentious policing tactics. IN MEMORIAM - Filmmaker Cynthia Granville's controversial examination of the collateral damage of war as seen through the eyes of a thirteen-year-old girl. IS ANYBODY LISTENING? - Paula Caplan's powerful documentary about a woman's journey to -- and across -- the soul-destroying chasm between veterans and others, a film about the power of love and connection.

April 23
Doors of Perception: Angels and Art, with Barbara Calvano
Schedule: Sunday at 12pm
Tickets: $20

In this talk artist, angel intuitive and actor Barbara Calvano will share about how following your intuition you can create doors of opportunity for learning and growth. Finding refuge in making art she developed her psychic abilities and saved her life. She will share about how her series of paintings called 'Tandra', a peaceful meditative state, came about from channeled messages.

From living in Tokyo during the Vietnam War, moving to New York City in 1977, the summer of Sam after college, Barbara chronicles her life as an artist surviving through desperate times of alcoholism, homelessness and abusive relationships finding salvation in creativity and making art. Doors were opened again and again always guided by her intuition and angels. Join her for a rich exploration into a life of transformation that can happen when you open your heat to art and listening to your angels.

Some audience members will receive angel readings.

April 23 - April 27
A Touch of Cinema, by Duncan Pflaster, directed by Aliza Shane
Sunday at 8pm; Monday & Thursday at 8:30pm; Wednesday at 5pm
Tickets: $18

Dina Kummerspeck, a filmmaker in a small country that isn't America, has been taken by the newly-fascist government and tortured for making supposedly seditious films. Now returned home under house arrest with an electric shackle on her ankle, she and her husband Tomas invite over their actor friends for a party, but unbeknownst to them, it's going to be a secret reading of Dina's new screenplay loosely based on her torture.

April 25 - April 29
White Rabbit Tales: Fairy Tales for Adults featuring plays by Maximillian Gill; Michael Hagins; Ramona Pula; Andrew Rothkin; and Karin DiAnn Williams
Produced by White Rabbit Theatre Company
Schedule: Tuesday at 8pm; Wednesday at 7pm; Thursday at 5pm; Saturday at 2:30pm
Tickets: $18

Journey through the stories of your youth - evil witches, beautiful princesses, charming princes - dressed up and revitalized for your decidedly grown-up self... And with enough twists and turns down the enchanted forest path to surprise you at every turn. Magic is only the beginning.

April 28 - April 30
Drew & Kim, hosted by Ken Scudder
Schedule: Friday at 7pm; Saturday at 8:30pm; Sunday at 5pm
Tickets: $18

Ken Scudder, co-founder and head writer of the award-winning sketch comedy troupe The Mistake reflects on his work and friendship with Kim Chaskel and AnDrew Martin, two early members of the troupe who have gone to the great sketch comedy troupe in the sky, through stories and video clips.

April 28
A Lonely Night In Coney Island by Mohammed Saad Ali
Schedule: Friday at 9pm
Tickets: $10

Omar, Fred, and Sam are hangin', smoking some weed. But in Trump's America, only one of them is a criminal. With the specter of prior offenses over his head, Arab-born Omar needs to be very careful.

This performance of LONELY NIGHT... celebrates Genesis' 20 years as a leader in the independent theater community. Artists from its theatre company and education programs appear in this play. Guest speakers and refreshments will follow the presentation.

April 29 - April 30
Ellen and Troy and Eloise, by Warren Paul Glover & The Scarab Club, by Michael F. Bruck
Schedule: Saturday at 10pm; Sunday at 11:30am
Tickets: $18

Ellen and Troy and Eloise is a lighthearted comedy where the boyfriend has been dumped but the (ex) future mother in law comes around and is not what is expected!

In The Scarab Club, a wealthy, Detroit widower meets a charming widow selling her beloved painting to financially help her daughter's family in need.

April 29
Myles' Poetry Party, hosted by Myles Cohen
Tickets: $5
Schedule: Saturday at 12:30pm

An afternoon of poetry and short tales. Authors can submit their poetry or short shorts to be read by professional reader [Madison Square Garden cat show among many professional engagements] Myles Cohen or they can chose to read their own works. Interactive and fun. Refreshments served. Contact with your submissions.

April 29 - April 30
Steven's Alumni Melange, hosted by Steven Thornburg
Schedule: Saturday at 4:30pm; Sunday at 3pm
Tickets: $18

"Alumni Melange" is a mix of live performances and short films celebrating the work of Spotlight On Producer Steven Thornburg's students.

Films include work by New York residents Eddie Gomez and Mirsia Colorado and current New Brunswick High School Senior Joel Garrido. Joel's film, "Letter to God," is about a boy who corresponds with God via the U.S. Postal Service. In Eddie's film, "Heart of Gold," a young man finds himself distraught in the midst of his thoughts and memories. He seeks answers and finds himself while confronting his own personal battle. Mirsia writes and produces "Clouds," a hauntingly suspenseful drama directed by the Correa sisters, graduates of New Brunswick High School. Live performances of monologues and scenes will feature stand-up comedian and New Jersey native Christian Ayala. Original Spotlight On Alum Myles Cohen will recite.

April 29
Through The Years with Teresa Fischer, directed by Kent Cozad; musical direction by Paul Chamlin
Schedule: Saturday at 7pm
Tickets: $18

Take a trip down memory lane cabaret style with Through The Years... Laughter and Tears. Spotlight On celebrates the many cabaret shows of Teresa Fischer with this retrospective performance featuring some audience favorites, special requests, some new gems and a special appearance (or two). Through The Years is directed by Kent Cozad with musical direction by the best one-man band in cabaret, Paul Chamlin. Guests include Jenny Greeman, Mary Sheridan and Frank Calo.


May 4 - May 14
ENTERTAINING MR. SLOANE, by Joe Orton, directed by Craig Smith
With Matt Baguth, John Lenartz, Elise Stone, and Antonio Edwards Suarez
Schedule: Tuesday - Saturday at 8 PM; matinee performances Wednesday & Saturday at 2 PM, Sunday at 3 PM
Tickets: $30

Orton's controversial comedy concerns a landlady (Stone) who invites the titular "attractive, mischievous and dangerous" man (Baguth) back to her house where she and her brother (Suarez) "compete for his favors." The stranger's past, however, threatens to catch up with him as the siblings' elderly father (Lenartz) recalls when they last met. This breakthrough comedy for young playwright Orton premiered in England in 1964. Tragically, Orton was brutally murdered three years later by his lover, Kenneth Halliwell. 2017 marks the 50th Anniversary of Orton's death.

May 7
Featuring Marie Faustin, Sydnee Washington, Jon Laster, Zainab Johnson, Miz Cracker, Reggie Conquest
Schedule: Sunday at 7 PM
Tickets: $10 online / $15 door

The popular podcast is live on stage! Two Unofficial Expert favorite comics perform live, then two separate guests will be interviewed for the podcast. The show ends by pulling an audience member (who thinks they are in expert at something random) on stage and interviewing them live for 10 minutes. The show will be full of laughs, some mild roasting & who might actually learn something!

All performances are at the wild project (195 E. 3rd Street, between Avenues A & B).
Tickets can be purchased online at The Box Office opens one hour prior to curtain.

The wild project is a theater, film, music, and visual arts venue that presents diverse, engaging, inspiring, and entertaining works to the vibrant and growing community of Alphabet City in New York's East Village, while bringing together the artists and the environment in a unique way. Founded in 2007, the wild project is an innovator among arts venues, providing an eco-friendly theater and gallery where the artists and space nurture each other. The company is dedicated to creating an environment that supports the artists, and to cultivating artists that support the environment. With an eco-conscious approach to presenting the dynamic works of hundreds of emerging artists each year, the wild project offers an artistic and environmental education for patrons of all ages, interests, and incomes in its community.

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