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The Seeing Place Theater Presents DOG ACT

DOG ACT, directed by Erin Cronican will air January 30 at 7:00 pm EST and February 5, 2021 at 7:00 pm EST.

The Seeing Place Theater Presents DOG ACT

THE SEEING PLACE THEATER (TSP) is celebrating its 10++ Season despite being forced online due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, The Body Politic. As their 10th Season continues through 2021, they will be presenting their productions written by distinguished playwrights virtually, with the hope of returning to the Paradise Factory (64 E 4th Street, NY NY 10003) as soon as they are able. Up next is a lively online production of DOG ACT by Liz Duffy Adams. DOG ACT, directed by Erin Cronican will air January 30 at 7:00 pm EST and February 5, 2021 at 7:00 pm EST (with streaming Tues-Sat after each live performance). Tickets and information are available at or by calling (866) 811-4111.

For their 10th Season, TSP brings you ten stories that expose the fight for autonomy. Who controls our well-being? How far will we go to claim our destiny as our own? How do we maintain our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness? Through seminal works by Pulitzer Prize winners, Tony winners, Nobel Nominees, and masters of the theatrical canon, TSP is initiating a deep conversation about what it means to be human, and how these works reflect the trials and tribulations we experience in today's society.

Throughout our global pandemic, TSP has come to realize that storytelling, about the past, present, and future, are more important than ever. Enter Liz Duffy Adams irreverent post-apocalyptic play DOG ACT.

The play follows the adventures of Zetta Stone, a traveling performer, and her companion Dog (a young man undergoing a "voluntary species demotion") as they wander through the former northeastern United States. Zetta, Dog, and their little troupe are on their way to a gig in China, assuming they can find it...and survive the journey. DOG ACT is a theatrical, darkly comic variation on the classic doomsday genre, with five original songs.

The productions star members of their illustrious ensemble comprised of actors from the BIPOC, disabled, LGTBQIA, and immigrant communities, and 75% are women or non-binary. They are TSP veterans Erin Cronican, Robin Friend, William Ketter, Jon L Peacock, Hailey Vest, Brandon Walker (who appeared in one of the first-ever productions of the play in 2005), and Weronika Helena Wozniak.

The production features scenic and costume design by Erin Cronican. Brandon Walker is the sound designer and composer, and Shannon Formas is the stage manager. Publicity by Katie Rosin/Kampfire PR.

"It seems all-too appropriate to be presenting a play about post-apocalyptic adventures, given our current health and political upheaval that we're experiencing in the United States," says director Erin Cronican. "This play asks us to reflect on how we manage our pain and loss, how we forge alliances in times of strife, and the importance of storytelling to bring us all together."

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