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THE TWENTY-SIDED TAVERN Comes to New York City This Month

Performances run July 22, 2022  -  July 24, 2022.

THE TWENTY-SIDED TAVERN Comes to New York City This Month

Session Zero LLC is a partnership between David Andrew Laws, Sarah Davis Reynolds and David Carpenter/Gamiotics, the creative brain trust behind The Twenty-Sided Tavern.

This quest/adventure/story has been written by David Andrew Laws. The game design is by Sarah Davis Reynolds. Production design is by Caite Hevner. Props and costumes have been designed by Katie Mcgeorge.

An experiential entertainment evolution, The Twenty-Sided Tavern sold out its World Premiere Month in April at the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera where they pushed the margins of audience participation and advanced the opportunities of the live experience as we know it today.

And where the show's repeat business phenomenon kicked in with a vengeance.

Audience members returned, more than once, with four to six friends in tow.

All dressed in costumes representing the Universe, the Metaverse and Hollywood blockbusters.


The Twenty-Sided Tavern will be featured at the global blow-out event called the Edinburgh Festival Fringe's 75th Anniversary.

The show will play from Wednesday, August 3 through Sunday, August 28 at Venue 23 at the famous Pleasance Dome (1 Bistro Square, Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 9AL).

It will also enjoy a SOLD-OUT-PRE-GAME-TRYOUT at the DR2 Theatre (101 East 15th Street) in New York's Union Square on Friday, July 22 (7:30pm), Saturday, July 23 (2:00pm, 7:00pm, 9:00pm) and Sunday, July 24 (2:00pm and 4:00pm).

Mr. Carpenter is currently in discussions with theatres and performance spaces in London, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Toronto.

Globalization is only months away.

Using Gamiotics, a ground-breaking software designed for audience interaction, The Twenty-Sided Tavern is theatre of the audience, by the audience and for the audience.

And if the invited audiences, who attended the show's developmental performances in a humble theatre underneath a grocery in New York City, are any indication; The Twenty-Sided Tavern is the way of the future.

There were eleven developmental performances.

The audience reaction built exponentially until the final performance when they would have blown the roof off the theatre if it hadn't been attached to the grocery store's floor.

The grocery store employees were not ready for the seismic reaction.

No one was.

29 million Americans attend the theatre annually. 18 million more go to the theatre in the United Kingdom. Add to that, the 323 million video game enthusiasts in both countries.

An amalgamation of the two social forms of entertainment, The Twenty-Sided Tavern has been created, written, and designed specifically for all 370,000,000 of them.

Three. Hundred. And. Seventy. Million.

And please remember, this is a project that is propelled by repeat business.


Make that a potential 740,000,000 gamers and theatre goers as our target audience.

Seven. Hundred. And. Forty. Million.

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