THE HONEYZOOMERS Reaches 39th Episode

First pandemic web series matches classic TV show for number of episodes.

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The Honeyzoomers, the first series about the pandemic shot during the pandemic, has reached a creative milestone. Just like the classic TV series The Honeymooners, which inspired The Honeyzoomers, the web series has reached its 39th episode.

It's a significant number, not only for the pure output of the web series, which is all shot remotely on cell phones with the actors in separate locations, but because 39 is a magical number to fans of The Honeymooners.

The Honeymooners, which starred Jackie Gleason, ran just one season from 1955-56, after filming 39 episodes.

Gleason felt the quality of the sitcom could no longer be maintained and he walked away from his contract with CBS. Those episodes would forever be known as 'The Classic 39.' They would be shown in re-runs for the next 66 years and inspire numerous writers, actors and comedians, including playwright Charles Messina.

Messina, creator of The Honeyzoomers, grew up watching The Honeymooners. When the pandemic struck last March and he wanted to create something new, he turned to the classic sitcom for inspiration. The Honeyzoomers deals with a brother and sister stuck living together during the NYC quarantine. Like the original series, it is shot in black and white and takes place in a small apartment with bickering characters who deep down share an unbreakable bond. Messina, along with cast members Joli Tribuzio and Johnny

Tammaro, have chronicled the pandemic in real time with both humor and heart in their series, having turned out a new episode every week since last May. Tribuzio also edits the episodes, which is perhaps the greatest feat - seamlessly making the actors appear to be in the same room.

This week will mark the web series' 39th episode! - anachievement that was not the original goal of the show but soon became one of its missions. It's a monumental accomplishment for this and for any web series, but the significance of reaching the 39th Episode is so momentous that it has prompted The Honeyzoomers team to take its first break from production in 39 weeks. Is this the end of the series?

Fans of the show are asking if it will return for another season. While the creators aren't counting out more episodes, right now they are only saying stay tuned for Honeyzoomers Specials and "Lost Episodes" in the near future.

The Honeyzoomers recently enjoyed another big achievement. Joyce Randolph, who played the role of "Trixie" on The Honeymooners , gave the show her blessing, calling it "wonderful" and "a great idea." Messina and the 96 year old Randolph, who coincidentally also share a birthday (October 21st), have spoken a few times, with her sharing stories about the classic show with him, and him telling her about how the unique web series is filmed. "How do they rehearse?" asked Randolph. "They rehearse on their phones," answered Messina. The two shows have bridged a generational gap, showing life in NYC separated by 60 years but connected by humor, challenging times and the magic number 39.

The web series is produced by Jill Menza and Jeremy Long. To see all 39 episodes of The Honeyzoomers please visit or The Honeyzoomers YouTube Channel.

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