Review: R.E.D. HAT FIGHT CLUB at The Green Room 42

A Special Mother's Day Performance

By: May. 22, 2023
Review: R.E.D. HAT FIGHT CLUB at The Green Room 42

Don't you envy how characters in musicals get the chance to belt out a song every time something is on their minds? How a single feeling makes the journey from the stages of raw emotion to the state of enlightenment only a five-minute song could have brought about? Something as joyous as a great cup of coffee, or as disheartening as getting laid off from a job turns into a monumental event that makes a person's day much more significant than the one before. If only life could be so simple...

Review: R.E.D. HAT FIGHT CLUB at The Green Room 42 Thankfully there is theater, which in such a fashion imitates life to the extent that what happens throughout the course of someone's day will inevitably lead to the happy ending we're all hoping for. Of course with sudden empowerment comes the usual mishaps: pushing your ex-boss off a cliff, having a secret affair with your alter-ego and starting an underground fight club to dispel any fears one might have around choosing a new career.

For one night only, a New York audience was treated to a special Mother's Day performance of R.E.D. Hat Fight Club, a new musical parody written by Joel B. New. New, an American Theatre Wing's Jonathan Larson Grant and MAC Award-winning playwright, premiered his show at The Green Room 42 this past Sunday. Bringing together a very talented (and mostly female) cast of Broadway and film veterans, theatergoers were given the opportunity to do something different this year to celebrate all the empowered, badass women in their lives. Described as an "utterly ridiculous, overtly queer musical parody," this performance was undoubtedly a special treat for both parents and their [adult] children alike.

Simultaneously paying respect to the mothers who influenced our lives and incorporating more modern views of women being capable of absolutely anything, the stage is literally set for an intriguing, sinisterly heartwarming musical tale of female empowerment. Directed by Katharine Pettit and under the musical direction by David Fraley, R.E.D. Hat Fight Club brought people together at the intimate Green Room 42 for a truly memorable evening of laughs and excitement.

After getting fired from her department store job of more than thirty years (on her birthday, no less), a fifty years-young woman soon meets a mysterious stranger who convinces her to start an underground fight club. Choosing to free her inner warrior after years of allowing others to dictate how her life ought to be run, she soon falls for her mentor in crime, Mildred. When Mildred's influence becomes a little too much though, even convincing our heroine's friends to join in on this crusade against male domination, she is soon called upon to channel the repressed goddess within and take control over the life she never realized she could call her own.

R.E.D. Hat Fight Club is truly not only the perfect Mother's Day gift, but also one for those who have struggled with finding themselves for whatever reason (and truly need to have a good laugh about it). Review: R.E.D. HAT FIGHT CLUB at The Green Room 42

As New himself said, "R.E.D. Hat Fight Club is a love letter to all the amazing women in the world who've taught us it's never too late to make lifelong friends, learn something about yourself, or be a fabulous queen."

R.E.D. Hat Flight Club is a truly feel-good time that entertainingly pokes fun at something each of us deals with, in one form or another. Although in this case focused on gender, New's musical is a comical call to arms - it emphasizes the fact that we should be strong and resourceful with whatever life throws our way, all the while knowing that we deserve more than what is many times settled for. If we're fortunate enough, we get to fight back and see ourselves become something much greater than we ever imagined. Given this theme's larger implications in the world today, we are also reminded of something that our issue-torn world is slowly taking away: the ability to laugh at (and for) each other. That in itself is a gift: simple, even silly humor that gives us a reason to smile.

R.E.D. Hat Fight Club brought to its special Mother's Day audience the amazing talent found on a Broadway stage, and gave all in attendance a reason to sit back, relax and take in a great show. With a cast of lovely ladies (and Charles Sanchez, who had the best reviews from my guests on just how much fun he had playing a different character every scene), some great musical numbers that exuded confidence with every note and the intention of offering a silly but very entertaining night out, it was definitely a performance that did well in entertaining all who came out to see these women (and Charles!) be completely and utterly glamorous.

Review: R.E.D. HAT FIGHT CLUB at The Green Room 42 Making up this wonderful cast are Lydia Gaston, Terry Palasz, Tari Kelly, Wendy Makkena, Jill Melanie Wirth and Charles Sanchez. Joel B. New is both the show's playwright and composer, Katharine Pettit directed and David Fraley served as Musical Director.

R.E.D. Hat Fight Club premiered at The Green Room 42 (570 Tenth Avenue, inside Yotel) on May 14th. Tickets ranged from $39-$79, with the option of watching a livestreamed performance from home. The show ran approximately 75 minutes, without an intermission.

Hopefully we'll get the chance to see New's show again, but in the meantime, be sure to check out The Green Room 42's upcoming events Click Here. It's a great venue, and perfect for a night out with loved ones (if they enjoy some great NYC entertainment).

Credit: Ben Shirai

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