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On Brand Productions Announces ENTITLED, MY EYES ONLY and More in August Series

The August series will be presented August 27th 2020-August 30th 2020.

On Brand Productions Announces ENTITLED, MY EYES ONLY and More in August Series

On Brand Productions will debut its August Series of (Digital) plays. With four new plays ranging from 35-46 minutes, they open the doors to a lot of new topics concerning one main thing: relevance. They have a variety of talent and they are excited to announce the casts and plays themselves!

Plays include:

"Entitled" Written by: Isabel Lorraine; Concept by: Katherine Lieblang & Isabel Lorraine

  • Premieres Thursday, August 27, 2020

  • Air Times: 4pm & 7:30pm EST, 1pm & 4:30pm PST

Directed by: Shiny & Hannah Ciesil; Assistant Directors: Joyce & Emily Walugembe

The cast includes: Caitlin Fischer as "Alexa", Samantha Bozin as "Audrey", William Maizel as "John", Osmar Martinez as "The Boss/The Bully", and Matt Tierney as "The Reporter".

Synopsis: A Comedy

Premise: A sense of entitlement is defined as "an unrealistic, unmerited, or inappropriate expectation of favorable living conditions and favorable treatment at the hands of others." Over 282,000 People are bullied each month in a year. This number is still growing.

"Entitled" is written to bring light on a lot of relevant things today. Oftentimes, you stray away from who you are to fit in, and in the process you are faced with the possibility of losing yourself entirely. At the same time, many people have a sense of entitlement, and it always stems from something. This piece is written to make fun of a social hierarchy that embodies the disrupted and the disruptees.

Alexa has grown up in a neighborhood that has your standard state of living. There are nice walls, okay streets, and lots of potholes. As college comes to a close, Alexa looks back on her life and all the bullying, name calling, and degrading moments she went through. She decided this isn't the life she wants to live. She wants more. This last year was the last time anyone would dare try to make a fool of Alexa. She begins popping her pimples, shaving anything and everything, plucking her eyebrows, molding herself into the perfect aesthetic influencer. She hides every single imperfection, and becomes a master of illusion. A master of perfection. She develops a love for vlogging, and becomes the best in the industry, topping magazine covers and tapping into modeling. She begins to think she owns the world and nothing else matters. She develops the feeling that she is the only one in power, and everyone revolves around her. Desperate to correct and cover an image that was never broken-- She becomes the one thing she always feared. The one thing that kept her up at night. A "Karen". Will she rediscover herself, and learn that no matter who you are nothing is guaranteed? Will she learn the value and virtue of patience? Will she learn that her imperfections and flaws were never broken to begin with, or will society corrupt her to the point that she and her manners cease to exist altogether?

"My Eyes Only" Written by: Isabel Lorraine

  • Premieres Friday, August 28, 2020

  • Air Times: 4pm & 7:30pm EST, 1pm & 4:30pm PST

Directed by: Shiny & Hannah Ciesil; Assistant Directors: Joyce & Emily Walugembe

The cast includes: Sophia Lee as "Scarlett", Scot Gladstone as "Zane", Maya Valenciano as "Kassandra", Matt Tierney as "Theo", Candy Dato as "Naomi,  Joe Baczkowski as "Caspen", and Lauren Eileen Henke as "Maya".

Synopsis: A Dramedy

Premise: Often, you are handed different opportunities based on how you appear to others or where you may reside. People make sacrifices of different degrees to ensure that they will receive what they want. In relationships, this increases the pressure of one fulfilling their partner's needs before their own, overstepping boundaries in place, and dire consequences. When vulnerabilities are tested, women can end up in humiliating, damaging, and dangerous situations.

Scarlett encounters such issues. She spent her entire life living under a rock. A very expensive, classy rock but a rock, nonetheless. Her successful parents have provided her with everything, but Scarlett does not want this for herself. She longs to pave her own path, and fall in love after accepting her dream job. Her dream begins in the world of fashion, but changes as she finds her passion for cosmetics. Life seems perfect but if you put love first, how much will you suffer? Scarlett feels obligated to save her relationship as it endures changes. The pressure builds so much that she is persuaded by her partner to film a sex tape, but she instantly regrets doing so. Her lover, Zane, threatens to release their tape to the internet unless she agrees to wire $350,000 to him in two weeks. He has her in a manipulative headlock, and she is silenced. Suddenly, Scarlett feels her life crashing down on her. She is trapped in the life that she eagerly wanted to escape: a rich kid only wanted their money. How will she gain her partner's "respect" while preserving her own name in the process?

"West of Stockholm" Written by: Isabel Lorraine

  • Premieres Saturday, August 29, 2020

  • Air Times: 4pm & 7:30pm EST, 1pm & 4:30pm PST

Directed by: Isabel Lorraine;Assistant Directors: Joyce & Emily Walugembe

The cast includes: Michaela Toles as "Mila", Julian Borris as "Andreas", Starr-Lyne Paul as "Hazel", Lea Hawthorne as "Cate", Scot Gladstone as "Jax", Annie Klups as "The Bartender", and Osmar Martinez as "The Watchman".

Synopsis: A Drama

Premise: There's no formula to life. There's no guarantee for security. Anyone's circumstances can be flipped upside down in a matter of seconds and sometimes nobody ever finds out.

"West of Stockholm" follows the story of Mila, a 23-year-old nurse, minding her own while trying to make ends meet. She seldom goes out with friends. Until one day, her coworkers finally convince her to join them at a bar. On her way home, her car malfunctions, and leaves her stranded on the highway. Kicking herself over not just staying home, she impatiently sits in her vehicle and awaits assistance from AAA. After some time a man pulls over and offers Mila help with her situation. In what seems instantaneous, she is forcefully grabbed and shoved in the man's car. She wakes up with a dull headache in a penthouse in Manhattan, and hardly pieces together what has happened to her. In "West of Stockholm" by Isabel Lorraine, Mila finds herself with two other women in captivity. She is met with utter shock in an unfamiliar, undetectable, new environment. Will anyone try to find her? Will she find a way out, or will she fall victim to Stockholm Syndrome?

"The Loveseat" Written by: Isabel Lorraine

  • Premieres Sunday, August 30, 2020

  • Air Times: 4pm & 730pm EST, 1pm & 430pm PST

Directed by: Isabel Lorraine; Assistant Directors: Joyce & Emily Walugembe

The Cast includes: Sophia Lee as "Phoebe", Michaela Toles as "Amiya", Lauren Eileen Henke as "Kate", Nelson Menell as "Lukas", Annie Klups as "The Other Woman", Scot Gladstone as "The Host, Osmar MArtinez as "Online Speed Dater #1", Ryan Brown as "Online Speed Dater #2", and Matt Tierney as "Online Speed Dater #3.

Synopsis: A Comedy

Premise: Mental illness is a very serious ordeal. 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness each year. 1 in 25 experience serious mental illness each year. This is in the United States alone. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among people between the ages of 10 and 34.

People live their lives out of fear and disappointment. Oftentimes, we grow up forced into a world where we know nothing but critics. We know nothing but standards and false conceptions. Mental illness can cause difficulties if you don't seek out the proper help. Oftentimes, people are scared to do so, or they can't afford to do so. What happens when you aren't so scared anymore? "The Love Seat" is written to shed light on what happens in the digital world and bring light to those seeking help. It is written to provide various sides of romance through the perspective of the main character who struggles to grasp onto herself.

Phoebe is a young adult who just wants to be loved. She had the best romance in town, and no one could ever compete. Once that was taken away her heart shattered, she became fragile, and depressed. Phoebe starts to lose herself, and loses hope in finding true love. She begins to stress over the worry that she will die alone. That's the only thing on repeat within her mind. Phoebe begins to think she is the problem, and attempts to jump out of her window. Amidst this attempt, her ex-lover Lukas comes by to return her stuff, and forces her to stay at their friend Kate's house to keep her safe. Then Phoebe begins the journey of digital therapy working with her therapist, Amiya. She also plots a virtual journey to find love again. However, one should always be careful of what they wish for. As she starts this journey of self-rediscovery and love, will she realize that she isn't the one who shattered her pieces? Will she learn that in any situation you can always ask for help? Will she discover that depression and any mental illness does not make her weak? They build you up. Will she become a victim of the walls she built so high around herself? Will she find her way back to true love?

Tickets can be reserved at, discounts can be found at

You can find more information directly on the website at or on their social media.





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