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Emerging Artists Theatre Announces Line-up For 2019 New Work Series


Emerging Artists Theatre Announces Line-up For 2019 New Work Series

Emerging Artists Theatre, under the direction of Artistic Director Paul Adams, celebrates their 25th season by presenting their bi annual New Work Series. The series runs February 27 - March 17 at TADA Theater in the Flatiron District and features new works from a diverse group of artists. New musical, plays, solo-shows and dance pieces (in varies stages of development), will be presented.

Visit the theater any evening during Emerging Artists New Work Series and you will find yourself transported in a number of surprising ways: by a single performer embodying a whole host of characters; by a company showcasing traditional and non-traditional dance from another country; by a cozy two-person show exploring relationships; or perhaps by a bouncy new musical that will have you humming.

Emerging Artists New Works Series (NWS) began in 2006 and focuses on new works, new talents, and new voices. Since its inception, numerous productions that were workshopped at the series, have gone on to have full productions at the NYMF, FringeNYC & Encores, Edinburgh Fringe, off-Broadway, as well as National and International productions. Paul Adams, Andrea Alton, Scott Klavan, and Vanessa Shealy serve as curators for the NWS series. More info is available at

Tickets range between $10 - $20 and are available at All performances take place at TADA Theater, 15 West 28th Street (between Broadway and 5th Avenue), 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10001. Subways: N/R/1/2 to 28th Street, B/D/F/W to 34th Street.


Wednesday, February 27 @ 7 pm

Written by Nick Rafello - Directed by Sam Viverito

Charlie struggles with his outlandish mother, Virginia, as he learns she was a pot-smoking hippie that lived in the back of a VW Van in the 1960s. All this as he's losing her to dementia.

Written by Edward Musto - Directed by Sue Yocum

A play about the people sitting next to you.

*~*ElAgAb FaB*~*
Written & performed by Omer Abbas Salem - Directed by Joan Sergay

How can you rule a kingdom with your head up your ass? A parable.

Pina Colada
Performed by Open Dance Ensemble - Music by Gamin - Artistic Direction by Philip Ellis Foster

This performance by the Open Dance Ensemble is an abstract dance based on Pina Bausch's narrative dance "Cafe Muller" of 1985.

Thursday, February 28 @ 7 pm

The Mon Valley Medium
Written by Alec Silberblatt - Directed by Moira O'Sullivan

When the help of a medium is sought out to solve a murder, and the victim speaks from the dead, a community descends into chaos.

Friday, March 1 @ 7 pm

I Was a Great Dad
Written & performed by Susan Jeremy - Directed by Cheryl King

Susan Jeremy transforms into numerous characters in this jazz fueled tale of love and secrecy (inspired by the life of Billy Tipton).

Saturday, March 2 @ 7 pm

Ms. Delight
Written by Straton Rushing - Directed by Cammerron Baits

Roy, an ex-Mormon, now the infamous drag queen Ms. Stella Delight, reunites with her son after years of estrangement, just minutes prior to a performance.

Where the Fireworks Come From
Written & directed by Michael Pisaturo

With college looming just around the corner, Tony and Gabe sit outside to watch their neighborhood's annual Fourth of July fireworks one last time before parting ways.

Saturday, March 2 @ 9 pm

Wasbian or How I Learned to Tell it Straight
Written & performed by Susan Ward - Directed by Austin Pendleton - Designed by Duane Rutter

What if J.M. Barrie and Henry Miller had a daughter in the 1970s? Resuscitating her body and soul would be an awfully big adventure.

Sunday, March 3 @ 2 pm

Asher's Command
Written by Marilyn Felt - Directed by Navid Negahban

Inspired by a New York Times article from April 1988 regarding an incident that took place in the occupied West Bank.

Sunday, March 3 @ 5 pm

Choreographed by Rebecca McCormac

FORCED is a vigorous investigation of the bodies capacity to do work in order to cause physical change.

"miscellaneous episodes of being alone, together"
Choreography & performance by AJ Sharp & Quentin Burley/SHARP Dance Co. - Directed by AJ Sharp

An evening-length work comprised of episodes that reveal different relationships revolving around one theme: feeling lonely with someone(s).

Warabe Uta
Dance, Choreography, Music: Misaki Hayama
Narration: Danny Rivera

A show introducing Japanese traditional songs, and exploring their hidden history with modern, contemporary and Japanese dance.

Sunday, March 3 @ 7 pm

Knotted in Three
Written by Robin Aren

Knotted in Three is an interwoven web of three narratives.

Performed by Liz Bouk - Written by Liz Bouk & Bea Goodwin - Collaborative Pianist Kathryn Olander

Just last year, opera singer Liz Bouk began wrestling with a big question: could he transition from female to male without hormones and still be himself?

Monday, March 4 @ 7pm

Closing Time at Graceland
Written by Sarah Kelly - Directed by Kirsten Russell

A guy named Elvis meets a girl named Priscilla, in an unconventional love story inspired by the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Tuesday, March 5 @ 7 pm

An Armadillo Story
Written and performed by Vanessa Shealy

A short, true story about a new school, a first date, and a dead armadillo.

Written by Barbara Bellman - Directed by Lori Steinberg

When Lilla turns 50, she gets a double dose of reality in the mail: her divorce papers and a welcome to AARP.

Wednesday, March 6 @ 7 pm

Written and directed by Gary C. Walter

What happens when love compels a boy to overcome prejudice, out his gay father, and begin to understand what being a man is really all about.

Wishing You Were Here!
Written by Elizabeth Klemmer - Directed by Aimee Todoroff

Alice and Jack Flood are in Florida when Alice must undergo emergency surgery. Their three grown children arrive, but when they try to take charge, their own chaotic lives get in the way.

Thursday, March 7 @ 7 pm

The Rehearsal
Written by Brad Forenza - Directed by Brian Dashew

During a high-stakes wedding weekend, two families descend on the groom's childhood home.

Friday, March 8 @ 7 pm

Helena's Bird
Written by Fiona Gorry-Hines - Directed by Victoria Gruenberg

Sometimes you just really, really want something...but when Helena brings home a new pet cockatoo out of the blue, her roommates have trouble believing the bird isn't about something else.

Written and directed by Lizzie Guest - Assistant Director Carlos Garcia

Be careful who you swipe right on...

Friday, March 8 @ 9 pm

ANTOINETTE: Lost In A Changing World
Written by Virginia Woodruff - Directed by Lee Summers - Choreography by Leslie Dockery

A close-knit Pentecostal family is shaken by trauma, as the matriarch, Antoinette, tries to come to grips with healing in a new world.

Saturday, March 9 @ 7 pm

Written by Donald Loftus

A British playwright quickly learns that everybody is a critic as he tries to convince his three female muses that his new play about star-crossed lovers is terrific!

Moon Map
Choreographed and performed by Emily "Emla" LaRochelle and Sarazina Joy Stein

Emla and Sarazina present an excerpt of their piece about the progression of their found connection with one another, organizing and jumbling the physicality of their bond with moments of comic levity.

We Seem to Be Conversing
Written by R.W. Schneider - Directed by Patricia Lynn

In the lounge of the Philosophy Department a student and her professor discuss theories of love, but what do they really know about it?

Saturday, March 9 @ 9 pm

Written and directed by Alexander Perez

A perpetual sentence in a dismal abyss, dust in their eyes and dirt in their teeth. Hell, truly is other people.

Sunday, March 10 @ 2 pm

Rising in Love
Creator/Lyricist/Book by Rory Michelle Sullivan - Dramaturg Anna Jastrzembski - Music by Rory Michelle Sullivan, Moira Lo Bianco, and Jonathan Shanes - Directed by Megan Minutillo - Musical direction by Kristen Lee Rosenfeld

Rising in Love is the modern day coming-of-age story about engaged couple Rosie and Scott, their fears and anxieties surrounding their upcoming marriage, and the friends and family who help them learn what it takes to rise in love.

Sunday, March 10 @ 5 pm

Iron in Your Future
Written & performed by Mindy Pfeffer - Directed by Peter Michael Marino

Mindy is over 40, in theatre, and most decidedly not an athlete. One day she signs up for a triathlon!

Raise Less Corn and More Hell! Annie Diggs: A Prairie Populist
Written by Lavinia Roberts - Directed by Bryn Boice - Performed by Rebecca Gray Davis

A one woman show that explores the life of Annie Diggs, a journalist, orator, poet, advocate of women and black suffrage, temperance worker, and populist advocate in the 1890s.

Sunday, March 10 @ 7 pm

Sincerely Held Beliefs
Written by Bambi Everson - Directed by Rachael Langton
With Andrea Alton, Elizabeth Bell, Lydia Gaston, and Sarah Gaines

Mandy is caught between her two friends. One a grieving mother, and the other a zealous clairvoyant who is convinced she is receiving messages from the other side. Mandy must try to mediate these two relationships, while staying true to her own beliefs.

Sunday, March 10 @ 9 pm

Directed & choreographed by Jiang Feng

Yell-Low is a provocative manifesto of the low visibility and socio-political status of Asians in the West.

Monday, March 11 @ 7 pm

Death of a Bachelor
Written, directed & performed by Jamison Monella

Have you ever seen a queer action movie? Well, you're about to see one live!

Dog Run
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Philip Vlahakis

An estranged couple may have a second chance through the playful ingenuity of their canine companions.

Tuesday, March 12 @ 7 pm

Big Gay Love Story, The Musical
Written & composed by Allison St. Rock - Directed by Hilary Goldman

"Big Gay Love Story, The Musical" follows a group of friends living in Los Angeles as they try to navigate love and all that goes with it in today's confusing dating culture.

Tuesday, March 12 @ 9 pm

Patmon Dance Project: Homescape
Choreographed by Artistic Director Angela Nicole Patmon

"Patmon Dance Project: Homescape" is a dreamy landscape of dancers that weaves in and out of the places we call home and arrives in an America that must face either its dark reality or its own demise.

Wednesday, March 13 @ 7 pm

Eleanor and Alice: Conversations Between Two Remarkable Roosevelts
Written and Directed by Ellen Abrams

One Democrat. One Republican. No one hates you like family.

Thursday, March 14 at 7 pm

DPRdance: Scat Cats
Concept, Direction and Choreography by Dougie Robbins

"DPRdance: Scat Cats" is a valentine to the golden age of jazz.

The Tangible Hallucination of Rourou in the Day Time
Choreography by Rourou Ye - Performed by Rourou Ye & Jun Zhou

The Tangible Hallucination of Rourou in the DayTime is a solo performance that uses choreography to abstract everyday experience.

Thursday, March 14 @ 9 pm

Music, Lyrics, and Book by Maggie Ludwig and Kristina Bryan

A female coal miner and single mother in West Virginia fights sexual harassment in the workplace and struggles to connect with her teenage daughter, featuring feminist folk/country music.

Friday, March 15 @ 7 pm

Organic Sofrito or Other Recipes for Disaster
Written & performed by Venessa M. Diaz

Three Puerto Rican women, four courses, and a whole lot of crazy!

Friday, March 15 @ 9 pm

The So-Called President
Written by Anthony Robustelli - Directed by Anthony Robustelli - Technical Producer Michael LoBue

A pop-rock hip-hop musical that examines today's political climate and its catalyst -- the current occupant of the White House -- and tells a timeless story: one of people standing up for the rights they deserve and have come to expect.

Saturday, March 16 @ 7 pm

Boys, Dogs and Chaos
Written & performed by Stephanie Kepke

At times poignant, at times funny, always touching...this wide ranging one-woman show, based on the book of the same title, delves deep into the beautiful chaos that is life with children.

don't go back. where?
Choreographed be Dani Cole, in collaboration with the company - Dancers Mimi Rosepink, Lily Sheppard, and Riley Sullivan - Music "Incantation" composed by Augusta Read Thomas & performed by Stefan Hersh

How often do we view these attributes as beneficial? Our bodies are resistant, begging us to slow down, to move in real time, and perhaps, to reflect and to reinvent what productivity implies.

Journey From Within
Choreographed by Kate Binder - Music "Roots" composed by Jess Jones

This dance piece expresses internal and interpersonal perspectives of life.

Saturday, March 16 @ 9 pm

Written & directed by Khalil Muhammad

Part historical, part stand up, part drama, "ILLINOIS BOY BLUES" is the story of an abandoned boy, turned bluesman, Romaine Ri'chard.

Sunday, March 17 @ 2 pm

Written & directed by P.H. Lin

Set in a dystopian "near future," it explores if our old growth historical value (once denied, disavowed and electronically erased from the culture) can be protected and preserved as a resource for all future generations.

Sunday, March 17 @ 5 pm

Written & directed by Michael F. Bruck & Michael DeMaio

The heartwarming musical recounts the story of two unalike people, a pretentious NYC walking tour guide and a simple, blue-collar worker from Brooklyn, who meet by chance in Madison Square Park and discover that even the most opposite of people can make a connection.

Sunday, March 17 @ 7 pm

Beggars Rain
Written by Robert Firpo-Cappiello - Directed by Duane Boutté

In the solo show "Beggars Rain," Spencer Aste plays a fugitive known only as Dooley, as well as a darkly comic supporting cast of outcasts, heroes, and villains across the blasted landscape of Depression-era America.

Sunday, March 17 @ 9 pm

Book, Music, Lyrics by Cle'

Melodrama, in two acts. An ambitious graduate student, Estela Britt, steps onto the campus of a prestigious university.


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