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Exploration Of The Everchanging - a new kind of theater here in NY.

This experimental production is one in which the audience must reconcile with their own awareness of being a passive viewer. The piece dissects the performer-audience relationship to its core, as the creators of the performance act as facilitators for the audience's experience. Through use of audience interaction and manipulation, the performers challenge the audience beyond conventional means of communication.

This devised presentation dissects the idea of cathartic reward in watching a linear narrative. Through this honest, truthful and adapting piece, the performance is enticing the audience to reconsider what they can and cannot control. The performers never pretend, they are always themselves and they challenge the audience to do the same.

This innovative, playful theater performance is created to be everchanging. Every performance will be different because the audience is different every time. It is a piece created to be ever adapting to the room.

The idea of Exploration Of The Everchanging was conceived and directed by Clara Wiest in 2018-2019.

Clara Wiest is a german-swiss stage director, movement director, acrobat and dancer, based in New York, who is focused on the human expression through the connection with the body and the mind.

Her work is predominantly new, experimental and collaborative, challenging the role of theater and the way we make theater. She strives to bring humanity to her work collaborative rehearsal process and on stage.

Exploration Of The Everchanging was created out of director and performer Clara Wiest's curiosity for a different theater. She had studied and created theater in the conventional form, and somehow she was yearning for more. "This way that we make theater does not feel right to me currently. There is more out there, there is a different way out there. A way that will allow us to really be present and not pretend." A big issue for Clara was the fakeness that came with theater - inherently. She was striving to create a play that is as close to truth and reality as it can get. No pretending, no faking, no theater-magic. Just raw human interaction, she wanted to show that even though we live in this world that is full of impulses, the purest and most satisfying form of entertainment and teachings is human interaction.

Since the creation of the piece, the cast has shifted slightly. In the original cast were performers Madison Chu, Adelaide Gomez, Julie Bjørnebye and stage manager and co-creator Alessandra Cronin. For this next June iteration the show will go on without Julie Bjornebye. Everyone is hopeful she will be part of the next iteration.

Exploration Of The Everchanging is slowly starting to take over, with many performances planned in the next three years.

(For updates, visit: denverfringe.org or clarawiest.com or follow @explorationoftheeverchanging on Instagram)

It's an experimental interactive theater piece challenging the role of the audience in a live performative setting." say the creators about this piece.

Clara Wiest and the cast are currently in the process of adapting this interactive theater piece to the screen. For the Denver Fringe this piece will be shown on Zoom, June 25-28.

This piece had its Debut in April 2019 in New York City and was selected for Here We Go summerfest 2020 (which was cancelled due to COVID-19). Exploration Of The Everchanging will now be shown at the Here We Go WinterFest 2020. Additionally it was accepted to the first Denver Fringe Festival June 2020. This performance will happen virtually.

For updates, visit: denverfringe.org or clarawiest.com or follow @explorationoftheeverchanging on Instagram


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