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Caren Tackett will present 'Side; a tale of mental illness' in concert at NYMF 2019, taking place at the Laurie Beechman Theater on July 9 (6pm) and July 10 (9:30pm), and featuring musicians Dov Schiller, Jaco Schiller, Vincent Vinezia & Jennifer Vincent, with additional vocals provided by Emily Afton, Amelia Cosco, Lauren Elder, Colin Gregory & Elise Levin, and Direction by Colin Gregory.

Caren (Lyn Manuel) Tackett, (of Broadway's 'Hair, Rent, High Fidelity, The Times They Are A'Changing & Brooklyn') is proud to bring her new musical work, 'Slide;a tale of mental illness' to NYMF 2019, her first foray into the wonderful world of NYMF. As part of the concert series, the story of Slide will be told minimalistically, with no script, but powerful music, multi-faceted vocals and carefully crafted music videos. The performance runs for one hour and twenty minutes with no intermission.

"Slide artfully and open-mindedly explores a subject that is often not a part of our cultural conversation; the misdiagnosis, mistreatment and misplacement of those diagnosed with mental illness in our society. I began writing Slide in 2006, after reading a horrifying article in the Village Voice about a relatively harmless mentally ill woman who was bounced back and forth between institutions and prison for over a decade due to gross systematic flaws. Diving further into research and writing over many years took quite a personal turn when I discovered that my reason for feeling so passionate about mental health advocacy is because mental illness runs within my family, and within myself. This pivotal point changed my research, my writing and my own personal journey, as well as that of my family's. It was a potent realization that "Slide" is about all of us. The line between what is considered sane and insane is very thin, and we all tip toe across it, individually, societally, universally. It's something we should allow ourselves to talk about, respect, and in some cases, even celebrate." - Caren Tackett (Writer/Performer)

Tickets for Slide ($39); a tale of mental illness at NYMF 2019 are available for purchase at Show dates/times: Tuesday, July 9 @ 6:30pm, Wednesday, July 10 @ 9:30pm

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